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Title: Beretitenti  
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Subject: Cabinet of Kiribati
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President of the
Republic of the
Term length
Four years, renewable twice
Inaugural holder Ieremia Tabai
Formation 12 July 1979
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The President of Kiribati (Beretitenti in I-Kiribati[1]) is the head of state and head of government of Kiribati.[2]

Following a general election, by which citizens elect the members of the House of Assembly, members select from their midst "not less than 3 nor more than 4 candidates" for the presidency. No other person may stand as candidate. The citizens of Kiribati then elect the President from among the proposed candidates.[3]

List of Presidents of Kiribati[4]

# Incumbent Tenure Political Affiliation Vice President
Took Office Left Office
1 Ieremia Tabai, President 12 July 1979 10 December 1982 National Progressive Party Teatao Teannaki
Rota Onorio, Chairman of the Council of State (Acting) 10 December 1982 18 February 1983 Non-partisan
Ieremia Tabai, President 18 February 1983 4 July 1991 National Progressive Party Teatao Teannaki
2 Teatao Teannaki, President 4 July 1991 24 May 1994 National Progressive Party Taomati Iuta
Tekiree Tamuera, Chairman of the Council of State 24 May 1994 28 May 1994 Non-partisan
Ata Teaotai, Chairman of the Council of State 28 May 1994 1 October 1994 Non-partisan
3 Teburoro Tito, President 1 October 1994 28 March 2003 Christian Democratic Party (Maneabau Te Mauri)/Protect the Maneaba (Maneaban Te Mauri) Tewareka Tentoa (1994-2000)
Beniamina Tinga (2000-2002)
4 Tion Otang, Chairman of the Council of State 28 March 2003 10 July 2003 Non-partisan
5 Anote Tong, President 10 July 2003 Present Pillars of Truth (Boutokaan Te Koaua) Teima Onorio

The highest rank of the Kiribati Scout Association is the President's Award.

Latest election

e • d Summary of the 17 October 2007 Kiribatian presidential election results
Candidates - Parties Votes %
Anote Tong 15,676 64.30
Nabuti Mwemwenikarawa 8,151 33.43
Patrick Tatireta 356 1.46
Timon Aneri 198 0.81
Total (turnout ~50%) 24,381 100.00
Source: TSKL Website


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