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Batutulis inscription

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Title: Batutulis inscription  
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Subject: Bogor Botanical Gardens
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Batutulis inscription

The Batutulis inscription is an ancient Sunda Kingdom inscription dated 1533, located at Batutulis village, South Bogor, West Java. Batutulis inscription is located in the ancient site of the capital Pakuan Pajajaran, Batutulis means 'inscribed stone', it is this stone, still in situ, which gave name to the village.[1] The complex of Batutulis measures 17 x 15 metres. Several other inscribed stones from Sunda Kingdom also located in this location. The inscription was written in Old Sundanese language. The Batutulis inscriptions was edicted in 1533 by king Surawisesa to honor and commemorate his late father, the great king Sri Baduga Maharaja (rule 1482 - 1521) or known as Ratu Haji Pakuan Pajajaran Sri Sang Ratu Dewata.[2] Sri Baduga Maharaja is also known in local tradition as King Siliwangi.


Batutulis inscription has been translated by several scholars, such as Friederich (1853), Karel Frederick Holle (1869), Pleyte (1911), Poerbatjaraka (1921), and Noorduyn (1957).

  1. 0 0 Wang na pun ini sakakala, Prebu Ratu Purané pun, diwastu
  2. diya wingaran Prebu Guru Déwataprana diwastu diya dingaran Sri
  3. Baduga Maharaja Ratu Haji di Pakwan Pajajaran Sri Sang Ratu Dé-
  4. wata pun ya nu nyusuk na Pakwan diya anak Rahyang Nis-
  5. kala sa(ng) sida-mokta di Gunatiga i(n)cu Rahyang Niskala Wastu
  6. Ka(n)cana sa(ng), sida-mokta ka Nusalara(ng), ya siya nu nyiyan sakaka-
  7. la Gugunungan ngabalay nyiyan Samida, nyiyan Sanghyang Talaga
  8. Rena Mahawijaya, ya siya pun 0 0 i saka, Panca Panda-
  9. wa '(m)ban Bumi 0 0


  1. May (us) be saved (blessed), this is the sign of the late Prabu Ratu, Coronated
  2. with the name Prabu Guru Dewataprana, He was inaugurated (again) with the name Sri
  3. Baduga Maharaja Ratu Haji in Pakuan Pajajaran Sri Sang Ratu De-
  4. wata, He was the one that built (defensive) moat of Pakuan, He is the son of Rahyang Nis-
  5. kala whom buried at Gunatiga, the grandson of Rahyang Niskala Wastu
  6. Kancana whom buried at Nusa Larang, He was the one that built
  7. "Gugunungan" (sacred mounds), built "Balay" (pavilion) built Samida forest,[3] built (the lake) Sanghyang Talaga
  8. Rena Mahawijaya (made) in Saka year "Panca Panda-
  9. wa mban Bumi"[4] (1455 Saka or 1533 CE).



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