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Attorney General of Kentucky

Attorney General of Kentucky
Seal of the Attorney General
Jack Conway

since January 7, 2008
Style The Honorable
Term length Four years, two term limit
Inaugural holder George Nicholas
Formation Kentucky Constitution
Website Office of the Attorney General

The Attorney General of Kentucky is an office created by the Kentucky Constitution. (Ky.Const. § 91). Under Kentucky law, he serves several roles, including the state's chief prosecutor (KRS 15.700), the state's chief law enforcement officer (KRS 15.700), and the state's chief law officer (KRS 15.020). As the chief prosecutor, the Attorney General is the Chairman of the Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council, which supervises the prosecutors of Kentucky (KRS 15.700, KRS 15.705). As chief law officer, he writes opinions to advise government officials and agencies concerning the law. (KRS 15.020). The Attorney General holds an ex officio seat on various Kentucky state boards and agencies.

The Attorney General of Kentucky is elected for a four-year term in the same year other statewide officers are elected, rather than being appointed as in some states such as Alaska. A 1992 amendment to the Kentucky Constitution permits the Attorney General of Kentucky to serve two consecutive terms. (Ky.Const. § 93). The Attorney General appoints a deputy and various Assistants to the Attorney General, who have the power to act on his behalf. (KRS 15.100(1)).

The current Attorney General of Kentucky is Jack Conway, a Democrat who was elected on November 6, 2007.

List of Attorneys General of Kentucky

# Name Political Party Term
1 George Nicholas 1792
2 John Breckinridge Democratic-Republican 1793-1797
3 James Blair 1797-1820
4 Joseph M. White 1820
5 Ben Hardin Democratic-Republican 1820-1821
6 Solomon P. Sharp Democratic-Republican 1821-1825
7 Frederick W. S. Grayson 1825-1825
8 James W. Denny 1825-1832
9 Charles Morehead Whig 1832-1838
10 Owen G. Cotes 1838-1849
11 Madison Conyers Johnson 1849
12 James Harlan Whig 1849-1859
13 Andrew J. James 1859-1861
14 John M. Harlan Union 1861-1865
15 John Rodman 1865-1875
16 Thomas Edward Moss 1875-1879
17 Parker Watkins Hardin Democratic 1879-1889
18 William J. Hendrick 1889-1896
19 William S. Taylor Republican 1896-1900
20 R. J. Breckinridge 1900-1902
21 C. J. Pratt 1902-1904
22 N. B. Hays 1904-1908
23 James Breathitt 1908-1912
24 James Garnett 1912-1916
25 M. M. Logan Democratic 1916-1917
26 Charles H. Morris 1917-1920
27 Charles I. Dawson Republican 1920-1923
28 T. B. McGregor 1923-1924
29 Frank E. Daugherty 1924-1928
30 James W. Cammack 1928-1932
31 Bailey P. Wootton 1932-1936
32 B. M. Vincent 1936-1937
33 Hubert Meredith 1937-1944
34 Eldon S. Dummit Republican 1944-1948
35 Alvarado E. Funk 1948-1952
36 J. D. Buckman, Jr. 1952-1956
37 Jo M. Ferguson 1956-1960
38 John Bayne Breckinridge Democratic 1960-1964
39 Robert F. Matthews, Jr. 1964-1968
40 John Bayne Breckinridge Democratic 1968-1972
41 Ed W. Hancock 1972-1976
42 Robert F. Stephens 1976-1979
Acting Steve Beshear Democratic 1979-1980
43 Steve Beshear Democratic 1980-1984
44 David L. Armstrong Democratic 1984-1988
45 Frederic J. Cowan Democratic 1988-1992
46 Chris Gorman 1992-1996
47 Ben Chandler Democratic 1996-2003
48 Greg Stumbo Democratic 2003-2007
49 Jack Conway Democratic 2007 – present

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The Kentucky Attorney General's Office is divided into the following divisions:

  • Administrative Hearings Division
  • Child Support Enforcement Commission (CSEC)
  • Kentucky Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI)
  • Medicaid Fraud Division
  • Office of Civil and Environmental Law
  • Office of Consumer Protection
  • Office of Criminal Appeals
  • Office of Rate Intervention
  • Prosecutors Advisory Council
  • Special Prosecutions Division
  • Uninsured Employers' Fund
  • Office for Victims Advocacy
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