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Area codes in the Caribbean

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Title: Area codes in the Caribbean  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Area codes in the Caribbean, Telephone numbers in the Dominican Republic, Area code 264, Area code 345, Area code 340
Collection: Area Codes in the Caribbean, Telephone Numbers
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Area codes in the Caribbean

From 1958 to about 1995, most of the British West Indies in the Caribbean Basin plus Bermuda, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico shared a single area code 809 in the North American Numbering Plan. By the mid-1990s, with the advent and growth of fax machines, mobile phones, computers, and pagers in the region, the entire 809 block of seven-digit numbers was almost completely allocated. New area codes were added, and since 1999 no two territories share a code; 809 is now used only in the Dominican Republic.


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Current assignments

A map of the Caribbean, showing NANP area codes (in black) and country codes of areas outside of the NANP (in red).
territory area code
Anguilla +1 264
Antigua and Barbuda +1 268
The Bahamas +1 242
Barbados +1 246
Bermuda +1 441
The British Virgin Islands +1 284
The Cayman Islands +1 345
The Commonwealth of Dominica +1 767
The Dominican Republic +1 809
The Dominican Republic +1 829
The Dominican Republic +1 849
Grenada +1 473
Jamaica +1 876
Montserrat +1 664
Puerto Rico +1 787
Puerto Rico +1 939
Saint Kitts and Nevis +1 869
Saint Lucia +1 758
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines +1 784
Sint Maarten +1 721
Trinidad and Tobago +1 868
The Turks and Caicos Islands +1 649
The U.S. Virgin Islands +1 340

Of the above territories, the only one that was outside the NANP in 1995 was Sint Maarten, part of the Netherlands Antilles until that entity's dissolution in 2010 and now a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Sint Maarten used the Netherlands Antilles country code of +599 until joining the NANP on September 30, 2011 with area code 721.[1]

Former assignments within 809

The following was the 1994-1995 (809) numbering plan. Starting in the 1980s, Puerto Rico, Bermuda and the Dominican Republic began to use prefixes from unused ranges throughout the 2xx to 9xx range. Historic (1960s-mid-1980s) ranges are shown in parentheses.

The "National Number", referred to in the table below, appeared in local telephone directories. It is essentially an area code within an area code, bridging the gap between the seven-digit NANP standard and the local number length of four or five (or three in the case of Anguilla) digits. The National Number could also be thought of as a nationwide central office code, similar to a section of New York City having all of the 68X-XXXX numbers (or MUrray Hill numbers before the change to all-number calling).

Caribbean nations with a larger numbering resource requirement used seven-digit dialing, and had no need for a "National Number".

territory number form notes
Anguilla 809-497-xxxx (National Number 4972 or 4973)
Antigua and Barbuda 809-46x-xxxx (National Number 46)
The Bahamas 809-32x-xxxx
Barbados 809-42x-xxxx
Bermuda 809-xxx-xxxx (National Number 29, then changed to 7D, as 23 or 29)
British Virgin Islands 809-49x-xxxx (National Number 49)
Carriacou 809-xxx-xxxx
The Cayman Islands 809-94x-xxxx (National Number 94)
The Commonwealth of Dominica 809-44x-xxxx (National Number 44 shared with Grenada)
The Dominican Republic 809-5xx-xxxx
Grenada 809-xxx-xxxx (National Number 44 shared with Dominica)
Jamaica 809-9xx-xxxx (began with 9, other than 94x)
Montserrat 809-491-xxxx (National Number 491)
Puerto Rico 809-7xx-xxxx
Saint Kitts and Nevis 809-465-xxxx (National Numbers 465 for St. Kitts, 469 for Nevis)
Saint Lucia 809-xxx-xxxx (National Number 45 shared with St Vincent)
Saint Vincent 809-45x-xxxx (National Number 45 shared with St. Lucia)
Trinidad and Tobago 809-6xx-xxxx (began with 6, other than 68)
Turks and Caicos Islands 809-946-xxxx (National Number 946)
The U.S. Virgin Islands 809-77x-xxxx
Numbering prefix Remaining digit quantity Country
29 five Bermuda
3 seven The Bahamas
4 seven Barbados
44 five The Commonwealth of Dominica
44 five Grenada
45 five Saint Lucia
45 five Saint Vincent
46 five Antigua and Barbuda
465 four Saint Kitts
469 four Nevis
491 four Montserrat
497 four Anguilla (started as 4972 + three)
49 five British Virgin Islands
5 seven The Dominican Republic
68 seven The Dominican Republic
6 seven Trinidad and Tobago
77 seven The U.S. Virgin Islands
7 seven Puerto Rico
8 seven Puerto Rico
946 four The Turks and Caicos Islands
94 five The Cayman Islands
9 seven Jamaica

In chart above, digits in italics were just the initial digit(s) of seven-digit number dialing.

Source for above info: Incumbent provider Cable and Wireless Telephone-directory from Barbados of 1994-1995.

Other territories

Not all of the Caribbean islands are in the North American Numbering Plan; the following have country codes.

territory code
Aruba +297
Haiti +509
Cuba +53
Guadeloupe +590
Saint Barthélemy
Saint Martin
Martinique +596
Caribbean Netherlands +599

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  1. ^ "PL-423: Updated Information - Introduction of NPA 721 (Sint Maarten)". North American Numbering Plan Administration. 2011-07-23. Retrieved 2011-10-01. 

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