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Area code 868


Area code 868

Trinidad and Tobago telephone numbers
Location of Trinidad and Tobago
Country Trinidad and Tobago
Continent North America
Membership NANP
Type Closed
Typical format +1 868 nxx xxxx
Access codes
Country calling code +1
International call prefix 011
Trunk prefix 1
List of Trinidad and Tobago dialing codes

The area code 868 is assigned to Trinidad and Tobago, a member of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). The telephone numbering plan for the country is known as the National Numbering Plan.[1] It is part of a system used for assigning telephone numbers in Trinidad and Tobago, and functions as a part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It is regulated by the government's Telecommunications Authority, which holds responsibility for telecommunications.[2]

Due to a long established affiliation with NANP,[3] phone numbers in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago are often styled as "(868) NXX-xxxx". However, the International Telecommunications Union's standards such as E.164[4] and E.123 both strongly advocate the inclusion of a "+1" prefix to indicate "868" is a part of the NANP.[5]


Area code 868 ("TNT") was created during a split from the original Area code 809 around 1 June 1997.[6] By 31 May 1998 all calls placed to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago required the use of the +1 868 prefix.[6]

Dialling to Trinidad and Tobago

  • From within North America (NANP)

When calling Trinidad and Tobago from elsewhere in the North American Numbering Plan (e.g. from the United States or Canada), callers dial as if undertaking regular ten-digit dialling within those countries. Callers must simply dial 1 + 868 + seven digit phone number.

  • From outside NANP

When calling to Trinidad and Tobago from outside the NANP (e.g. from the United Kingdom), callers must dial their international dialling prefix followed by 1 to access the North American Numbering Plan. For example, a call placed from the United Kingdom would be dialled as 00 + 1 + 868 + local seven digit phone number.

Dialling within Trinidad and Tobago

When placing a phone call from Trinidad and Tobago, also known as HNPA (home numbering plan area) dialling, callers simply use seven-digit dialling (i.e. dialling the last seven digits of the phone number).

  • To North America (NANP)

When calling other places in the North American Numbering Plan, callers dial as if undertaking regular ten-digit dialling in those countries. Callers dial 1 + NPA area code + seven digit phone number.

Though usually toll-free when dialled from the US, not all 1-800 phone numbers are toll-free when dialled from Trinidad and Tobago, and may be treated as a toll call.

  • To areas outside the NANP

When calling to areas outside the NANP (e.g. the United Kingdom), callers dial 011 + country calling code + phone number. In the case of the UK, a user would dial 011 + 44 + UK phone number.


Police Force: 999, Ambulance: 811, Fire: 990
Information/Directory Assistance: 6411,[7] 611 (proposed replacement)[1]
Operator: 0

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Trinidad and Tobago area codes: 868
North: 246, 473
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South: Country code +58 in Venezuela
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