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Antarctic field camps

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Title: Antarctic field camps  
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Subject: Antarctica, Camp Livingston (Antarctica), Exploration of Antarctica, Mount King (Antarctica), Armstrong Peak
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Antarctic field camps

Many Antarctic research stations support satellite field camps which are, in general, seasonal camps. The type of field camp can vary – some are permanent structures used during the annual Antarctic summer, whereas others are little more than tents used to support short term activities. Field camps are used for many things, from logistics (Sky Blu) to dedicated scientific research (WAIS Divide Field Camp).


Field camp Location Country Established Activities Status Serving Coordinates Time zone
AGAP South Field Camp
Beardmore South Field Camp
Blue Fields Camp
Byrd Surface Camp
Borchgrevink's Hut Cape Adare Norway 1899 Abandoned
ASPA #159
N/A UTC+12
Cámara Base Half Moon Island, Livingston Island Argentina 1953 Seasonal N/A UTC-4
Cape Hallett Field Camp
Camp Academia Livingston Island Bulgaria 2004 Seasonal St. Kliment Ohridski Base UTC-4
Camp Byers Livingston Island Spain Seasonal Juan Carlos I Antarctic Base UTC-4
Camp Livingston Livingston Island Argentina Seasonal UTC-4
Cape Royds Ross Island UK 1908 Nimrod Expedition Abandoned
ASPA #157
N/A UTC+12
Darwin Glacier Field Camp
Discovery Hut Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island UK 1911 Discovery Expedition Abandoned, 1917
ASPA #158
Ford Range Field Camp
Fossil Bluff Alexander Island UK 1961 Logistics Facility Seasonal Rothera station UTC-5
Framheim Bay of Whales, Ross Ice Shelf Norway 1911 Amundsen's South Pole expedition Abandoned, 1912 N/A
Lake Hoare Field Camp
Lower Erebus Hut Ross Island USA 1992 Monitoring Mt. Erebus McMurdo Station UTC+12
Mid-Point Charlie
Ocean Camp Weddell Sea Ice Shelf UK 1915 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Abandoned, 1915
Patience Camp Weddell Sea Ice Shelf UK 1915 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Abandoned, 1916
Patriot Hills Base Camp Ellsworth Mountains USA 1987 Private camp with Blue ice runway Seasonal Various UTC-5
Peggotty Camp South Georgia UK 1916 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Abandoned N/A UTC-2
Polheim South Pole Norway 1911 Amundsen's South Pole expedition Abandoned N/A
Reedy Glacier Field Camp
Safety Camp
Scott's Hut Ross Island UK 1911 Terra Nova Expedition, Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Abandoned, 1917
ASPA #155
N/A UTC+12
Sky Blu Ellsworth Land UK 1993 Logistics Facility Seasonal Rothera station UTC-5
Shirreff Base Livingston Island Chile
1991 Seasonal UTC-4
South Ice Edith Ronne Land UK 1957 IGY overwinter Abandoned N/A UTC-2
Station P Livingston Island UK 1957 Survey, geology, biology Abandoned N/A UTC-4
Talos Dome Camp
Union Glacier Camp Ellsworth Mountains USA 2010 Private camp with Blue ice runway Seasonal Various UTC-5
WAIS Divide Field Camp West Antarctic Ice Sheet USA 2005 Collect deep ice core Seasonal McMurdo Station
Antarctic field camps. Clockwise: Patriot Hills, Academia, Fossil Bluff, Sky Blu, Erebus, Scott's Hut, Lower Erebus, Casanovas.

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