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Adele H. Stamp Student Union


Adele H. Stamp Student Union

The Nyumburu Amphitheater hosts numerous outdoor performances, and is located immediately next to Stamp (seen in background).
Atrium of Stamp Student Union, near the food court and co-op

The Adele H. Stamp Student Union, commonly referred to as "Stamp", is the [2] receiving more than 19,000 visitors daily.[3]


Among the shops in Stamp include the Union Shop, the University Book Center, a mailbox service, called Mailboxes, Etc., and the Terrapin Technology Store, which sells high-tech software and equipment.[4]


A movie theater, named the Hoff Theater, is located in Stamp. First opening in 1975 and renovated in 2002, the Hoff includes a seating capacity of 550, Dolby Digital surround sound, and a concession stand.[5] The TerpZone, located in the Basement Level of Stamp, is an entertainment center that includes a bowling alley, billiard tables, an arcade, and projection screen televisions for viewing sporting events.[6] An art gallery, The Stamp Gallery, prominently presents exhibitions on the first floor of Stamp and controls work throughout the Stamp.[7] Immediately next to Stamp is the Nyumburu Amphitheater, which often features outdoor performances of various sorts.[8]

Dining Options

Dining options in Stamp include a [11] The Coffee Bar, located on the first floor of Stamp, brews Starbucks coffee, in addition to selling various soups and sandwiches. A gourmet restaurant, named Adele's, is also located on the first floor of Stamp. Adele's is open from 11:30 - 2:00 for lunch everyday with buffet on Friday and 4:30 - 8:30 Monday through Thursday for dinner. During dinner carryout orders can be placed from 4:00 - 6:30. Students may use their dining points to purchase meals at dinner. There is also a small convenience shop, The Union Shop.

Technology Services

The Stamp also offers computer, web, and audio visual support . The technology services department provides support for the many departments at the Stamp. They also provide web hosting and web access to different student organizations. The technology services also provide audio visual support to student events in Stamp. These services include podcasting, media presentations, panel discussions, video editing and spam filters, conferencing, concerts, and more.

Other Services

The ground floor of Stamp has both a branch of Capital One Bank and a State Employees Credit Union (SECU) ATM. Design and Copy Serives provides copy and production services, and legal aid offices for both undergraduate and graduate students are present.[12]


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