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ATP Recordings

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Title: ATP Recordings  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: The Drones (Australian band), Autolux, On the Ellipse, Jackie-O Motherfucker, The Scientists
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ATP Recordings

ATP Recordings
Parent company Forced Exposure
Founded 2001
Founder Barry Hogan
Distributor(s) SRD
Forced Exposure
Genre Various
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London
Official website

ATP Recordings is a British independent record label that was started in 2001 by London concert promoter Barry Hogan of Foundation/All Tomorrow's Parties. It was originally created to bring out a compilation cd (ATPRCD01) after the Tortoise-curated All Tomorrow's Parties event. First, everyone who attended the first festival was given a limited edition promotional sampler (PROATPFCD01), the packaging of which echoed the Factory Records style of Peter Saville. The full compilation followed later, and indeed a number of other ATP festivals would also receive the compilation treatment, the most recent being the 2006 Nightmare Before Christmas, for which ATPR and Plan B Magazine collaborated on a free cd given out to attendees.

The label eventually moved on from just doing compilations for the festival to sign bands like Threnody Ensemble, Bardo Pond, The Magic Band, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Deerhoof and White Out (with Jim O'Rourke). In recent years ATP Recordings has expanded and now also has on its roster Apse, Alexander Tucker, Death Vessel, The Drones, Fuck Buttons, Fursaxa, The Scientists, Sleepy Sun, Built To Spill and Autolux.

Towards the end of 2007 they announced plans to release a new series of double 7" singles called Custom Made, which would feature bands choosing four songs; one something old, one something new, one something borrowed (a cover version) and one something blue (artists were free to interpret this as they feel). The first artists to release singles in this series are The Drones, Alexander Tucker and Deerhoof.

The label also released a very special collector's edition of the classic Spiritualized album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space. The label announced in 2010 that they would now be releasing music from Built To Spill throughout Europe and Autolux worldwide (except Japan & North America). They have also announced the release of the debut solo album from The Drones frontman Gareth Liddiard.

For 2012 new signings include Tall Firs, Tennis and Anywhere (feat members of The Mars Volta, Triclops! and The Minutemen).


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Current artists

Release history

(Information sourced from [1][2][3])

Cat. Number Artist Title Format Release
ATPRSP20/ATPRSP20D Fuck Buttons The Red Wing 12"/Download 06/2013
ATPREP04/ATPREP04D SQURL EP #1 12"/Download 05/2013
ATPRSP19/ATPRSP19D Deerhoof Mario's Flaming Whiskers III / There's That Grin Cassette/Download 12/2012
ATPRCD47/ATPRLP47/ATPRDD47 Deerhoof Breakup Song CD/LP/Download 09/2012
ATPRCD46/ATPRLP46/ATPRDD46 Anywhere Anywhere CD/LP/Download 04/2012
ATPRCD45/ATPRLP45/ATPRDD45 Sleepy Sun Spine Hits CD/LP/Download 04/2012
ATPRCD43/ATPRLP43/ATPRDD43 Tall Firs Out Of It And Into It CD/LP/Download 03/2012
ATPRPUB1 Autolux The Science Of Imaginary Solutions A6 Publication/Download 02/2012
ATPRCD44/ATPRLP44/ATPRDD44 Tennis Young & Old CD/LP/Download 02/2012
ATPRSP17D Tennis Origins Book Page/Download 12/2011
ATPRSP16/ATPRSP16D Tall Firs Crooked Smiles 7"/Download 11/2011
ATPRCD09/ATPRLP09 Deerhoof Milk Man (Remastered) CD/White LP 06/2011
ATPRSP15/ATPRSP15D Deerhoof Behold A Marvel In The Darkness 7"/Download 06/2011
ATPRDS02 Sleepy Sun Desert God Download 05/2011
ATPRCD42/ATPRLP42 Deerhoof Deerhoof vs. Evil CD/LP 01/2011
ATPRCD41/ATPRLP41 Gareth Liddiard Strange Tourist CD/LP 01/2011
ATPRSP13 Autolux The Bouncing Wall/Census 7" 12/2010
ATPRSE01 Sleepy Sun Wild Machines Download 11/2010
ATPRSP12 Sleepy Sun Marina 10" 08/2010
ATPRCD40/ATPRLP40 Autolux Transit Transit CD/LP 08/2010
ATPRCD39/ATPRLP39 Sleepy Sun Fever CD/LP 05/2010
ATPREP02 Various Artists ATP/R Sampler 2010 10" 04/2010
ATPREP03D Sleepy Sun Open Eyes Digital EP 04/2010
ATPRSP010 Fuck Buttons Olympians 12" 04/2010
ATPRCD38 Fursaxa Mycorrhizae Realm CD 03/2010
ATPRCD37 Built To Spill There Is No Enemy CD 02/2010
ATPRCD36 Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space CD 12/2009
ATPRCD34/ATPRLP34 Apse Climb Up CD/LP 11/2009
ATPRCD31B The Drones Live At The Hi-Fi CD 21/10/2009
ATPRCD35/ATPRLP35 Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport CD/LP 12/10/2009 UK
20/10/2009 USA
ATPRSP09 Fuck Buttons Surf Solar 7" 14/09/2009 UK, 15/09/2009 USA
ATPRSP08 Apse 3.1 / The Whip 7" 09/2009
ATPRSP07 Sleepy Sun Sleepy Son 10" 31/08/2009
ATPRCD33/LP33 Sleepy Sun Embrace CD/LP 11/05/2009 UK + Europe
16/06/09 U.S.
ATPRSP06 Sleepy Sun New Age 10" 16/03/2009 Worldwide
ATPRCD31/LP31 The Drones Havilah CD/LP 09/2008 AUS
16/02/2009 Worldwide
ATPRCD32 Deerhoof Offend Maggie CD 06/10/2008
ATPRSP05 Fuck Buttons Colours Move 12"/Digital 08/09/2008
ATPREP01 The Drones The Minotaur + a brief retrospective 12"/Digital 26/08/2008
ATPRCD29 Apse Spirit CD 07/07/2008
ATPRCD30/LP30 Alexander Tucker Portal CD/LP 09/06/2008
ATPR6D02 Alexander Tucker Custom Made 2x7" 21/04/2008
ATPRCD28/LP28 Fuck Buttons Street Horrrsing CD/LP 17/03/2008
ATPR6D01 The Drones Custom Made 2x7" 2007
ATPRSP4 Fuck Buttons Bright Tomorrow 7" 2007
ATPRSP03 Deerhoof Matchbook Seeks Maniac 7" 2007
ATPRCD27/LP27 Death Vessel Stay Close CD/LP 2007
ATPRCD26 Fursaxa Alone In The Dark Wood CD 2007
ATPRCD25/LP25 Deerhoof Friend Opportunity CD/LP 2007
ATPRSP02 Deerhoof The Perfect Me 7" 2007
ATPRCD24 The Scientists Sedition CD 2007
ATPR/PLANB020CD Various Nightmare Before Christmas 2006 (Given away at festival in association with Plan B Magazine) CD 2006
ATPRCD23/LP23 Alexander Tucker Furrowed Brow CD/LP 2006
ATPRCD22/LP22 The Drones Gala Mill CD/LP 2006
ATPRCD21 Bardo Pond Ticket Crystals CD 2006
ATPRCD20 Jackie-O Motherfucker Flags Of The Sacred Harp CD 2006
ATPRCD19 Deerhoof The Runners Four CD 2006
ATPRCD18 The Drones Wait Long By The River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By CD 2005
ATPRSP1 The Drones Shark Fin Blues 7" 2005
ATPRCD17 Deerhoof Green Cosmos CD Mini-album 2005
ATPRCD16 Various All Tomorrows Parties 3.1 - Matt Groening CD 2005
ATPRCD15 Alexander Tucker Old Fog CD 2005
ATPRCD14 Bardo Pond Selections Vols 1 to 4 2xCD 2005
ATPRCD13 Fursaxa Lepidoptera CD 2005
ATPRCD12 White Out China Is Near (with Jim O'Rourke, William Winant) CD 2005
ATPRCD11 Jackie-O Motherfucker Fig. 5 CD 2005
ATPRCD10 Jackie-O Motherfucker Liberation CD 2005
ATPRCD9/LP9 Deerhoof Milk Man CD/LP 2005
ATPRCD8 Jackie-O Motherfucker The Magic Fire Music / Wow CD 2004
ATPRCD7 The Magic Band Back to the Front CD 2003
ATPRCD6/LP6 Bardo Pond On the Ellipse CD/LP 2003
ATPRCD5/LP5 Various All Tomorrows Parties 3.0 2xCD/2xLP 2003
ATPRCD4 Threnody Ensemble Timbre Hollow CD 2002
ATPRCD3/LP3 Various All Tomorrows Parties 2.0 CD/2xLP 2002
ATPRCD2/LP2 Various All Tomorrows Parties 1.1 CD/2xLP 2002
ATPRCD1/LP1 Various All Tomorrows Parties 1.0 CD/2xLP 2001
PROATPFCD01 Various ATP 1.0 (Given away at first ATP festival.) CD 2001


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External links

  • Official ATPR website
  • ATPR myspace

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