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1950 British Empire Games

4th British Empire Games
Host city Auckland, New Zealand
Nations participating 12
Athletes participating 590
Events 87
Opening ceremony 4 February
Closing ceremony 11 February
Main venue Eden Park
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The 1950 British Empire Games was the fourth edition of what is now called the Commonwealth Games. It was held in Auckland, New Zealand between 4 and 11 February 1950, after a 12-year gap from the 3rd edition of the games. The main venue was Eden Park, although the closing ceremonies were held at Western Springs Stadium, see New Zealand at the 1950 British Empire Games. The fourth games were originally awarded to Montreal, Canada and were to be held in 1942 but were cancelled due to World War II.


  • Participating teams 1
  • Medals by country 2
  • Medals by event 3
    • Athletics 3.1
    • Boxing 3.2
    • Cycling 3.3
      • Track 3.3.1
      • Road 3.3.2
    • Diving 3.4
      • Men's events 3.4.1
      • Women's events 3.4.2
    • Fencing 3.5
      • Men's events 3.5.1
      • Women's events 3.5.2
    • Lawn Bowls 3.6
    • Rowing 3.7
    • Swimming 3.8
      • Men's events 3.8.1
      • Women's events 3.8.2
    • Weightlifting 3.9
    • Wrestling 3.10
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Participating teams

Countries that participated

(Teams participating for the first time in bold).

Medals by country

At the 1950 British Empire Games all the teams won at least one medal.

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Australia 34 27 19 80
2  England 19 16 13 48
3  New Zealand 10 22 21 54
4  Canada 8 9 13 30
5  South Africa 8 4 8 20
6  Scotland 5 3 2 10
7  Malaya 2 1 1 4
8  Fiji 1 2 2 5
9  Ceylon 1 2 1 4
10  Nigeria 0 1 0 1
10  Wales 0 1 0 1
10  Southern Rhodesia 0 1 0 1
Total 88 89 80 257

Medals by event



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight  Hugh Riley (SCO) K. Edwin (CEY) Marcus Temple (SAF)
Bantamweight Johnny van Rensburg (SAF) Albert Perera (CEY)  Len Walters (CAN)
Featherweight  Henry Gilliland (SCO) Andy Verceuil (RHO)  Peter Brander (ENG)
Lightweight  Ronny Latham (ENG)  Billy Barber (AUS)  Jim Barnden (NZL)
Welterweight  Terry Ratcliffe (ENG)  Bill Seewitz (AUS) Alex Obeysekere (CEY)
Middleweight Theunis van Schalkwyk (SAF)  James Beal (NZL)  Bill Pinkus (CAN)
Light heavyweight  Don Scott (ENG)  Chris Rollinson (NZL)  Jack Taylor (AUS)
Heavyweight  Frank Creagh (NZL)  Sid Cousins (AUS) none awarded



Event Gold Silver Bronze
Time Trial  Russell Mockridge (AUS) 1:13.4  Sid Patterson (AUS) 1:13.5  Tommy Godwin (ENG) 1:13.6
Sprint 1000 m  Russell Mockridge (AUS) 2–0  Sid Patterson (AUS) 0–2  Graham Avery (NZL) 2–1
4000 m Ind. Pursuit  Cyril Cartwright (ENG) 5:16.3  Russell Mockridge (AUS) 5:27.0  Les Lock (NZL) 5:26.7
10-mile Scratch  William Heseltine (AUS) 23:23.4  Les Lock (NZL)  Ken Caves (AUS)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Road race  Hector Sutherland (AUS) 3'13:06.4  Nick Carter (NZL) 3'13:06.5  Jack Fowler (AUS) 3'13:06.6


Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard   )CAN( 169.21  Peter Heatly (SCO) 168.80  Jack Stewart (NZL) 168.17
10 m platform  Peter Heatly (SCO) 156.07   )CAN( 145.36  Frank Murphy (AUS) 129.40

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard  Edna Child (ENG) 126.58  Noeline MacLean (AUS) 124.59  Lynda Hunt (CAN) 115.38
10 m platform  Edna Child (ENG) 70.89  Gwen Fawcett (AUS) 65.64  Noeline MacLean (AUS) 59.93


Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Foil  René Paul (ENG) 7 wins  John Fethers (AUS) 6 wins   )CAN( 4 wins
Foil team  England
Arthur Pilbrow
Robert Anderson
René Paul
20 wins  New Zealand
Austin Gittos
Gordon Dearing
Murray Gittos
Malcolm Millar
13 wins  Canada
George Pouliot
Robert Desjarlais
Edward Brooke
12 win
Épée  Charles de Beaumont (ENG) 7 wins  Robert Anderson (ENG) 6 wins  Ivan Lund (AUS) 5 wins
Épée team  Australia
Allan Jay
Ivan Lund
Charles Stanmore
3 wins  England
René Paul
Charles de Beaumont
Robert Anderson
2 wins  Canada
George Pouliot
Robert Desjarlais
Edward Brooke
1 win
Sabre  Arthur Pilbrow (ENG)  Robert Anderson (ENG)   )CAN(
Sabre team  England
Charles de Beaumont
Arthur Pilbrow
Robert Anderson
4 wins  Canada
George Pouliot
Robert Desjarlais
Edward Brooke
2 wins  Australia
Norman Booth
Leslie Chillug
Edwin Dean
Jock Gibson
1 win

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Foil  Mary Glen-Haig (ENG) 7 wins  Patricia Woodroffe (NZL) 6 wins  Catherine Pym (AUS) 5 wins

Lawn Bowls

All events were for men only.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Singles (details)  James Pirrett (NZL) 8 points  Albert Newton (AUS) 6 points  Lionel Garnett (FIJ) 4 points
Pairs (details)  Evan Exelby
and Robert Henry (NZL)
6 points W. Gibb
and H. J. van Zyl (SAF)
4 points  Leslie Brown
and James Poulton (FIJ)
2 points
Fours (details)  South Africa
Alfred Blumberg
H. Currer
Harry Atkinson
Norman Walker
4 points+  Australia
Charles Cordaiy
James Cobley
John Cobley
Len Knight
4 points  New Zealand
Fred Russell
John Englebretson
Noel Jolly
Pete Skoglund
4 points

+ won play offs


All events were for men only. The events were held at Lake Karapiro, 160 kilometres (99 mi) south of Auckland. Three special trains took 1500 people to Cambridge on 7 February 1950.[1]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Single sculls  Mervyn Wood (AUS) 7:46.8  Tony Rowe (ENG) 7:54.0 Ian Stephen (SAF) 8:04.0
Double sculls  Mervyn Wood
and Murray Riley (AUS)
7:22  Joe Schneider
and Des Simonson (NZL)
7:32  Ken Tinegate
and Jack Brown (ENG)
Coxless pairs  Wal Lambert
and Jack Webster (AUS)
7:58  David Gould
and Humphrey Gould (NZL)
8:10 none awarded
Coxed fours  New Zealand
Ted Johnson
John O'Brien
Bill James
Bill Carroll
Colin Johnstone
7:17.2  Australia
Leslie Montgomery
Erwin Elder
Cecil Winkworth
Kenneth Gee
Kevin Fox
7:24.0 none awarded
Eights  Australia
Alan Brown
Bruce Goswell
Edward Pain
Eric Longley
James Barnes
Peter Holmes
Phil Cayzer
Bob Tinning
Ross Selman
6:27  New Zealand
Bruce Culpan
Donald Adam
Don Rowlands
Edwin Smith
Graham Jarratt
Kerry Ashby
Murray Ashby
Thomas Engel
William Tinnock
6:27.5  England
Tony Butcher
Hank Rushmere
Michael Lapage
Patrick Bradley
Peter de Giles
Peter Kirkpatrick
Dickie Burnell
Bill Windham
Jack Dearlove


Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
110 yd freestyle  Peter Salmon (CAN) 1:00.4  Frank O'Neill (AUS) 1:00.6  Pat Kendall (ENG) 1:01.8
440 yd freestyle  Garrick Agnew (AUS) 4:54.6 Graham Johnston (SAF) 60.8  Buddy Lucas (NZL) 4:55.5
1650 yd freestyle Graham Johnston (SAF) 19:55.7  Jim Portelance (CAN) 20:08.3  Buddy Lucas (NZL) 20:10.1
110 yd backstroke Jackie Wiid (SAF) 1:07.7  John Brockway (WAL) 1:08.0  Bert Kinnear (SCO) 1:10.8
220 yd breaststroke  David Hawkins (AUS) 2:54.1  Roy Romain (ENG) 2:54.2  Ron Sharpe (AUS) 2:56.0
4×220 yd freestyle relay  New Zealand
Buddy Lucas
Lyall Barry
Michael Amos
Colin Chambers
9:27.7  Australia
Barrie Kellaway
Garrick Agnew
Frank O'Neill
James Beard
9:34.5  England
Donald Bland
Jack Hale
Pat Kendall
Ray Legg
3×110 yd medley relay  England
Jack Hale
Pat Kendall
Roy Romain
3:26.6  Canada
Allan Gilchrist
Lucien Beaumont
Peter Salmon
3:29.4  New Zealand
John Shanahan
Lyall Barry
Peter Mathieson

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
110 yd freestyle  Marjorie McQuade (AUS) 1:09.0  Margaret Wellington (ENG) 1:09.6 Joan Harrison (SAF) 1:10.7
440 yd freestyle Joan Harrison (SAF) 5:26.4  Margaret Wellington (ENG) 5:33.7  Denise Norton (AUS) 5:33.8
110 yd backstroke  Judy-Joy Davies (AUS) 1:18.6  Jean Stewart (NZL) 1:19.1  Helen Yate (ENG) 1:20.5
220 yd breaststroke  Elenor Gordon (SCO) 3:01.7  Nancy Lyons (AUS) 3:03.6  Elizabeth Church (ENG) 3:10.3
4×110 yd freestyle relay  Australia
Denise Spencer
Denise Norton
Judy-Joy Davies
Marjorie McQuade
4:44.9  New Zealand
Joan Hastings
Kristin Jacobi
Norma Bridson
Winifred Griffin
4:48.7  England
Grace Wood
Helen Yate
Lillian Preece
Margaret Wellington
3×110 yd medley relay  Australia
Judy-Joy Davies
Marjorie McQuade
Nancy Lyons
3:53.8  England
Elizabeth Church
Helen Yate
Margaret Wellington
3:56.6  Scotland
Elizabeth Turner
Elenor Gordon
Margaret Girvan


All events were for men only.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Bantamweight Tho Fook Hung (MAL) 655 lb  Rosaire Smith (CAN) 615 lb  Keith Caple (AUS) 600 lb
Featherweight Koh Eng Tong (MAL) 685 lb  Julian Creus (ENG) 670 lb Barrie Engelbrecht (SAF) 640 lb
Lightweight  Jim Halliday (ENG) 760 lb Thong Saw Pak (MAL) 735 lb  Vern Barberis (AUS) 730 lb
Middleweight  Gerry Gratton (CAN) 795 lb   )NZL( 740 lb  Fred Griffin (AUS) 720 lb
Light Heavyweight  Jim Varaleau (CAN) 815 lb Issy Bloomberg (SAF) 815 lb Tan Kim Bee (MAL) 765 lb
Heavyweight  Harold Cleghorn (NZL) 900 lb  Ray Magee (AUS) 830 lb none awarded


All events were for men only.

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Flyweight  Bert Harris (AUS) 1 win  Eric Matthews (NZL) 1 loss none awarded
Bantamweight  Douglas Mudgway (NZL) 1 win  Jim Chapman (AUS) 1 loss none awarded
Featherweight  John Armitt (NZL) 3 wins  Roland Milord (CAN) 2 w – 1 l  Arnold Parsons (ENG) 1 w – 2 l
Lightweight  Dick Garrard (AUS) 3 wins   )CAN( 2 wins   )NZL( 1 win
Welterweight  Henry Hudson (CAN) 3 wins  Jack Little (AUS) 3 w – 1 l Martin Jooste (SAF) 1 win
Middleweight  Maurice Vachon (CAN) 3 wins  Bruce Arthur (AUS) 3 w – 1 l Carel Reitz (SAF) 2 w – 2 l
Light heavyweight Patrick Morton (SAF) 2 wins  Arthur Sneddon (NZL) 1 win  Tom Trevaskis (AUS)
Heavyweight  Jim Armstrong (AUS) 3 wins  Pat O'Connor (NZL) 2 wins  Kenneth Richmond (ENG) 1 win


  1. ^ Churchman, Geoffrey B. and Hurst, Tony; The Railways of New Zealand: A Journey Through History p 106 (1990, HarperCollins, Auckland) ISBN 1-86950-015-6

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