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1948 in Israel

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Title: 1948 in Israel  
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Subject: 1948 in Israel, 1951 in Israel, List of years in Israel, Years in Israel, 2014 in Israel
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1948 in Israel


in Israel


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Other events of 1948
List of years in Israel

Events in the year 1948 in Israel.



David Ben-Gurion publicly pronouncing the Israeli Declaration of Independence, May 14, 1948

The State of Israel came to birth whereas civil war was raging for 6 months in Palestine after the vote by the United Nation to partition Palestine between Palesitian Jews and Arabs.

Declaration of independence and international recognition:

1948 Arab–Israeli War:

Other events:

  • July 22 - The Supreme Court of Israel is formed, with the first five judges of the court appointed after being recommended by the Minister of Justice and the interim government and appointed in a vote by the Provisional State Council.[9][10]
  • August 17 - The Israeli lira replaces the Palestine pound and becomes the official currency of Israel when the Provisional State Council passes a law recognizing the new lira banknotes printed by the Anglo-Palestine Bank, which began arriving in Israel in July 1948, as legal tender.[11]
  • September 14 - The Supreme Court of Israel is officially inaugurated in a ceremony in Jerusalem.
  • October 28 – The Israeli flag becomes the official flag of the State of Israel.
  • November 8 - The first population census in Israel is held, and the government began issuing identity cards to residents.
  • November 15 - Israel's fledgling national airline is incorporated as El Al.[12]

Notable births

Notable deaths

  • May 23 – Thomas C. Wasson (born 1896), US diplomat, assassinated in Jerusalem.
  • May 29 - Esther Cailingold (born 1925), British-born Israeli soldier commemorated as a war hero, killed in action in Jerusalem during the battle for the Old City.
  • June 10 - Mickey Marcus (born 1901), American-born Israeli general, Israel's first general, shot dead in a case of friendly fire.
  • June 30 – Meir Tobianski (born 1904), Russian (Lithuanian)-born Israeli officer executed as a traitor, but later exonerated.
  • September 17 – Folke Bernadotte (born 1895), Swedish diplomat, assassinated in Jerusalem.
  • October 16 - Modi Alon (born 1921), Israeli fighter pilot and commander of Israel's first fighter squadron, plane crash.

Major public holidays

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