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Stockholm municipal election, 1994

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Title: Stockholm municipal election, 1994  
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Subject: Stockholm municipal election, 1998
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Stockholm municipal election, 1994

The Stockholm municipal election of 1994 was held on 18 September 1994, concurrently with the 1994 Swedish general election. Using a party-list proportional representation system to allocate the 101 seats of the Stockholm city council (Stockholms kommunfullmäktige) amongst the various Swedish political parties. Voter turnout was 81.2%.

Two parties disappeared from the city council as a result this election. The Christian Democratic Social Party, after winning seats on the city council for the first time in the previous election in 1991, lost all their seats, though they would regain a mandate in 1998 and retain it in each subsequent election (as of the 2006 elections).

The right-wing New Democracy party lost all six of their previously held seats as a result of this election, though they managed to hold onto a mandate to the national Swedish Riksdag as part of the concurrent parliamentary election. The party would never regain seats on the Stockholm City Council, and was declared bankrupt in 2000.


Party Votes Seats
# % + – # + –
Social Democrats
Socialdemokraterna (s)
148,684 33.0% +3.6% 37 +4
Moderate Party
Moderaterna (m)
128,975 28.7% –0.5% 29 –3
Left Party
Vänsterpartiet (v)
41,274 9.2% +1.1% 11 +2
Liberal People's Party
Folkpartiet liberalerna (fp)
35,437 7.9% –2.2% 9 –3
Green Party
Miljöpartiet (mp)
35,120 7.8% +3.9% 8 +6
Centre Party
Centerpartiet (c)
24,329 5.4% +1.9% 5 +4
Christian Democrats
Kristdemokratiska samlingspartiet (kd)
9,399 2.1% –1.7% 0 –3
Other parties 26,842[1] 6.0%[1] –6.1%[1] 0 ±0
Stockholm PartyStockholmspartiet (sp) 2 –1
New DemocracyNy Demokrati (nyd) 0 –6
Total 450,060 100% 101 ±0
Invalid ballots 6,839


1 No separate election data available for New Democracy or the Stockholm Party.

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  • Statistics Sweden, "Kommunfullmäktigval – valresultat" (Swedish) [1]
  • Statistics Sweden, "Kommunfullmäktigval – erhållna mandat efter kommun och parti. Valår 1973–2006" (Swedish) [2]
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