Muslim Commercial Bank cricket team

Muslim Commercial Bank were a Pakistani first-class cricket team sponsored by the Muslim Commercial Bank. They played in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy and the Patron's Trophy between 1976-77 and 1988-89.

Playing record

They played 95 first-class matches, with 25 wins, 40 losses, 29 draws and one tie. Their most successful seasons were 1977-78 and 1978-79, when they reached the final of the Patron's Trophy.

In 1977-78 they had a strong team, captained by Ijaz Faqih. In their first match they dismissed Sukkur for 32 and 52 and won by an innings and 322 runs,[1] and in their third match they beat Water and Power Development Authority by 609 runs,[2] the fourth-largest victory margin in terms of runs in the history of first-class cricket. In the final, however, Habib Bank Limited beat them by an innings. In the six matches Azmat Rana scored 721 runs at an average of 144.20,[3] and Ijaz Faqih took 29 wickets at 19.62,[4] as well as making 410 runs at 51.25.

In 1978-79, again captained by Faqih, they beat Habib Bank Limited in the semi-final,[5] but lost on the first innings to National Bank of Pakistan in the final. [6] Faqih again led the bowling, with 28 wickets at 23.85.[7]

Individual records

The highest score for Muslim Commercial Bank was 210 not out by Qasim Umar in 1982-83. He also hit the second-highest score, 203 not out, in the same season,[8] when in seven matches for Muslim Commercial Bank in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy he scored 1078 runs at 107.80 with five centuries.[9]

The best innings bowling figures were 9 for 45 by Tahir Naqqash against Karachi in 1980-81.[10] The best match bowling figures were 13 for 88 (6 for 41 and 7 for 47) by Ijaz Faqih against Peshawar in 1986-87.[11] In 69 matches for Muslim Commercial Bank, Faqih scored 3391 runs at 33.24,[12] and took 313 wickets at 24.52.[13]


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