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List of United Kingdom locations: Bla-Blac

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Title: List of United Kingdom locations: Bla-Blac  
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Subject: List of United Kingdom locations
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of United Kingdom locations: Bla-Blac

The United Kingdom

This is part of the list of United Kingdom locations: a gazetteer of place names in the United Kingdom showing each place's locality and geographical coordinates.



Location Locality Coordinates
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OS grid
Blà Bheinn Highland NG531219
Blaby Leicestershire SP5697
Blacka Burn Northumberland NY793763
Blackadder Water Scottish Borders NT795499
Blackawton Devon SX8050
Black Bank Cambridgeshire TL5385
Black Bank Warwickshire SP3586
Black Banks Darlington NZ2912
Black Barn Lincolnshire TF4328
Blackbeck Cumbria NY0206
Blackborough Devon ST0909
Blackborough Norfolk TF6714
Blackborough End Norfolk TF6614
Black Bourton Oxfordshire SP2804
Blackboys East Sussex TQ5220
Blackbrook Derbyshire SK0780
Blackbrook Derbyshire SK3347
Black Brook Staffordshire SP072993
Blackbrook Staffordshire SJ7639
Blackbrook St Helens SJ5496
Blackbrook Surrey TQ1846
Blackburn Aberdeenshire NJ8212
Black Burn Cumbria NY705356
Blackburn Lancashire SD6827
Black Burn Moray NJ169588
Blackburn Moray NJ2958
Black Burn Scottish Borders NT709098
Blackburn Sheffield SK3892
Blackburn West Lothian NS9865
Black Callerton Newcastle upon Tyne NZ1769
Black Carr Norfolk TM0995
Black Cart Water Renfrewshire NS354578
Blackcastle Midlothian NT4159
Black Corner West Sussex TQ2939
Black Crofts Argyll and Bute NM9234
Black Cross Cornwall SW9060
Black Dam Hampshire SU6451
Blackden Heath Cheshire SJ7871
Black Devon Clackmannan NS952940
Black Devon Fife NS986939
Blackditch Oxfordshire SP4105
Black Dog, Devon Devon SS8009
Blackdog City of Aberdeen NJ9514
Blackdown Hampshire SU5322
Blackdown Dorset ST3903
Blackdown Warwickshire SP3168
Blackdyke Cumbria NY1452
Blackdykes East Lothian NT5883
Blacker, Barnsley Barnsley SE3309
Blacker Hill Barnsley SE3602
Black Esk Dumfries and Galloway NY203933
Blacketts Kent TQ9465
Blackfell Sunderland NZ2956
Blackfen Greenwich TQ4574
Blackfield Hampshire SU4401
Blackfold Highland NH5840
Blackford Somerset SS9245
Blackford Somerset ST4147
Blackford Somerset ST6526
Blackford, Shropshire Shropshire SO5982
Blackford, Dumfries and Galloway Dumfries and Galloway NY1380
Blackford Cumbria NY3962
Blackford Perth and Kinross NN8908
Blackford Bridge Bury SD8007
Blackfordby Leicestershire SK3217
Blackfords Staffordshire SJ9811
Blackfoss Beck East Riding of Yorkshire SE769536
Blackgang Isle of Wight SZ4876
Black Garpel East Ayrshire NX442908
Blackgill Burn Durham NZ165467
Blackhall City of Edinburgh NT2174
Blackhall, Renfrewshire Renfrewshire NS4963
Blackhall Colliery Durham NZ4539
Blackhall Mill Durham NZ1156
Blackhall Rocks Durham NZ4638
Blackham East Sussex TQ5039
Black Head Cornwall SW777164
Black Head Cornwall SX038482
Blackheath Sandwell SO9786
Blackheath Essex TM0021
Blackheath Lewisham TQ3976
Blackheath Park Greenwich TQ4075
Black Heddon Northumberland NZ0776
Blackhill, Hampshire Hampshire SU3018
Blackhill Aberdeenshire NK0755
Blackhill, Highland Highland NG3450
Blackhill Durham NZ0951
Black Hill, West Yorkshire Bradford SE0441
Blackhillock Moray NJ4348
Blackhills Swansea SS5891
Blackhorse Devon SX9793
Blackhorse South Gloucestershire ST6677
Black Horse Drove Cambridgeshire TL5991
Blackhouse Aberdeenshire NK1246
Blackird Leys Oxfordshire SP5503
Blackjack Lincolnshire TF2639
Black Lake Sandwell SO9992
Blackland Wiltshire SU0168
Blacklands East Sussex TQ8110
Blacklands Herefordshire SO6342
Black Lane Bury SD7708
Blacklaw Aberdeenshire NJ6355
Blackleach Lancashire SD4734
Blackley Calderdale SE1019
Blackley Manchester SD8602
Blacklunans Perth and Kinross NO1460
Black Lyne Cumbria NY516829
Blackmarstone Herefordshire SO5039
Blackmill Bridgend SS9386
Blackminster Worcestershire SP0744
Blackmoor Hampshire SU7733
Blackmoor Somerset ST1618
Blackmoor North Somerset ST4661
Blackmoor Bath and North East Somerset ST5563
Black Moor Leeds SE2939
Blackmoor Wigan SD6900
Black Moor Lancashire SD4714
Blackmoorfoot Kirklees SE0913
Blackmoor Gate Devon SS6443
Blackmore Essex TL6001
Blackmore Shropshire SJ3109
Blackmore End Worcestershire SO8144
Blackmore End Essex TL7330
Blackmore End Hertfordshire TL1616
Black Muir Fife NT0688
Blackness East Sussex TQ5230
Blackness Falkirk NT0580
Blacknest Hampshire SU7941
Blacknest Berkshire SU9568
Blackney Dorset SY4299
Blacknoll Dorset SY8086
Black Notley Essex TL7620
Blacko Lancashire SD8541
Blackoe Wrexham SJ5139
Black Park Wrexham SJ3040
Black Park Highland NG6423
Black Pill Swansea SS6190
Blackpole Worcestershire SO8657
Black Pole Lancashire SD4836
Blackpool Devon SX8547
Blackpool Devon SX5654
Blackpool Devon SX8174
Blackpool Pembrokeshire SN0614
Blackpool Lancashire SD3136
Blackpool Corner Devon SY3398
Blackridge West Lothian NS8967
Black Rock Brighton and Hove TQ3303
Black Rock, Cornwall Cornwall SW6634
Blackrock Monmouthshire SO2112
Blackrock Bath and North East Somerset ST6265
Blackrock Argyll and Bute NR3063
Blackrod Wigan SD6110
Blackshaw Head Calderdale SD9527
Blackshaw Moor Staffordshire SK0059
Blacksmith's Corner Suffolk TM1340
Blacksmith's Green Suffolk TM1465
Blacksnape Lancashire SD7121
Blackstone West Sussex TQ2416
Blackstone Worcestershire SO7974
Black Street Suffolk TM5186
Black Tar Pembrokeshire SM9909
Blackthorn Oxfordshire SP6219
Blackthorpe Suffolk TL9063
Blacktoft East Riding of Yorkshire SE8424
Blacktop, Aberdeen City of Aberdeen NJ8604
Black Torrington Devon SS4605
Blacktown City of Newport ST2681
Black Vein Caerphilly ST2291
Blackwall Tower Hamlets TQ3880
Blackwall Derbyshire SK2549
Black Water Highland NH004365
Black Water Highland NH022425
Blackwater, Berkshire Berkshire SU810621
Blackwater Bournemouth SZ1395
Blackwater, Somerset Somerset ST2615
Blackwater Isle of Wight SZ5086
Black Water, Aberdeenshire Aberdeenshire NJ425383
Blackwater Cornwall SW7346
Black Water, Perth and Kinross Perth and Kinross NO168462
Black Water, Ayrshire North Ayrshire NR893277
Black Water, Moray Moray NJ332278
Black Water, Highland Highland NM718522
Blackwater, Essex Essex TL831134
Black Water Highland NN371605
Black Water Highland NH570769
Black Water Highland NC7941358
Black Water Highland NH450577
Blackwater Hampshire SU867494
Blackwater Hampshire SU8559
Blackwater, Norfolk Norfolk TG0920
Blackwaterfoot North Ayrshire NR8928
Black Water of Dee Dumfries and Galloway NX540752
Blackwater Reservoir Highland NN314598
Blackweir Cardiff ST1777
Blackwell, Devon Devon ST0026
Blackwell West Sussex TQ3939
Blackwell Worcestershire SO9872
Blackwell Warwickshire SP2443
Blackwell North Yorkshire NZ2712
Blackwell Cumbria NY4053
Blackwell Derbyshire SK4358
Blackwell in the Peak Derbyshire SK1272
Blackwood Caerphilly ST1797
Blackwood South Lanarkshire NS7943
Blackwood, Cheshire Cheshire SJ6290
Blacon Cheshire SJ3867
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