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Hindu Mahila Vidyalaya

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Title: Hindu Mahila Vidyalaya  
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Subject: Banga Mahila Vidyalaya, Dwarkanath Ganguly, Akshay Chandra Sarkar, Sitanath Tattwabhushan, Bangiya Sahitya Parishad
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Hindu Mahila Vidyalaya

Hindu Mahila Vidyalaya (School for Hindu Women) was a boarding school located at 22 Beniapukur Lane, Entally, Kolkata, India, founded by Annette Akroyd[1] The school made a break with the idea of a less taxing curricula for girls, and provided the same kind of learning for its students as was available for boys.[2] Sources record different dates for the establishment of the school. While Jogesh C. Bagal, records the date of establishment as 18 November 1873[1] David Kopf mentions it as 18 September 1873.[3]

Dwarkanath Ganguly was the headmaster.[3] Ananda Mohan Bose and Durga Mohan Das bore the expenses of the institution.[4] Others involved in the school were Sivanath Sastri and Monomohun Ghose.[2] Mrs. J. B. Phear was an honorary teacher.[1][5] She went to the extent of teaching her students how to eat at table with cutlery.[2]

After the marriage of Annette Akroyd, the school was closed in March 1876 for a short time and was revived on 1 June 1876 as Banga Mahila Vidyalaya (Bengali Women’s College).[1]


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  • There is a picture of Annette Akroyd with the students of Hindu Mahila Vidyalaya, 1875, from Henry Beveridge’s India Called Them (1947). - Karlekar, Malavika. "Frozen Frames". Spectrum. The Tribune, 8 May 2005. Retrieved 2007-04-19. 

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