Georges Gurvitch

Georges Gurvitch (L'O.A.S on June 22, 1962.[1] Their apartment was destroyed by a bomb, and they took refuge for a time at the house of painter Marc Chagall.

Gurvitch is an important figure in the development of Ali Shariati studied under Gurvitch in the 1960s during his studies in France at the University of Sorbonne.


  • Essai de Sociologie, (1939)
  • Sociology of law, (1942)
  • The Bill of Social Rights, (1945)
  • La vocation actuelle de la sociologie, (1950)
  • Le concept des classes sociales de Marx à nos jours, (1954)
  • The Spectrum of Social Time, (1958)
  • Dialectique et sociologie, (1962)
  • The Social Frameworks of Knowledge, (1972)

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