Chara discography

Chara discography
Studio albums 13
Live albums 1
Compilation albums 4
EPs 2
Singles 41

This is the discography of J-pop singer Chara.


Studio albums

Year Album Information Chart positions
1991 Sweet

1992 Soul Kiss

1993 Violet Blue

1994 Happy Toy

1996 Montage

1997 Junior Sweet

1999 Strange Fruits

2001 Madrigal (マドリガル?)

2003 Yoake Mae (夜明けまえ Before the Dawn?)

2005 Something Blue

  • Released: August 31, 2005
  • Label: Independent (R-0540587MT)
  • Formats: CD

2007 Union

2008 Honey

2009 Carol

2011 Dark Candy


2013 MTV unplugged Chara

not released yet


Year Album Information Chart positions
1995 The Singles Re-Mixed

2008 Kiss

2011 Utakata

  • Released: November 2, 2011
  • Label: Happy Toy, BounDEE Inc. (DDCZ-1781)
  • Formats: CD, digital download


Live Albums

Year Album Information Chart positions
2000 Live 97-99 Mood

2012 Live Tour2011 “Very Special”


Compilations albums

Year Album Information Chart positions
1995 Chara the Best Baby Baby Baby XXX

2000 Caramel Milk: The Best of Chara

2004 A Scenery Like Me

2007 Sugar Hunter: The Best Love Songs of Chara

2011 Very Special



Release Title Oricon Singles Charts Album
1991 Heaven Sweet
1992 Sweet
No Toy (Re-Mix)
Ōki na Jishin ga Kitatte (大きな地震がきたって Even If There's a Great Earthquake?) Soul Kiss
Parachute Girl (パラシュート★ガール?) (with Yasuyuki Okamura) 25 Kinjirareta Ikigai
Ai no Jibaku Sōchi (愛の自爆装置 Love Suicide Bombing Gear?) (with Rolly Teranishi) Soul Kiss
1993 Mujintō ni Watashi o Motte Itte... (無人島に私をもっていって・・・ Take Me to a Deserted Island...?) 66 Violet Blue
Charlotte no Okurimono/Private Beach (シャーロットの贈り物 Charlotte's Web?) 70
Koi o Shita (恋をした I'm in Love?) 87
Gifted Child
1994 Tsumibukaku Aishite yo (罪深く愛してよ Love Me Sinfully?) 55 Happy Toy
Atashi Nande Dakishimetai n darou? (あたしなんで抱きしめたいんだろう? Why Do I Wanna Hug Him??) 41
1995 Tiny Tiny Tiny 62 Chara the Best Baby Baby Baby XXX
1996 Swallowtail Butterfly (Ai no Uta) (Swallowtail Butterfly 〜あいのうた〜 Swallowtail Butterfly (Love Song)?) (Yen Town Band) 1 Montage
Chara no Boogie Shoes (チャラのブギー・シューズ Chara's Boogie Shoes?) (with The 99 1/2) 37 More (Than 100)
1997 Yasashii Kimochi (やさしい気持ち Kind Feelings?) 7 Junior Sweet
Time Machine (タイムマシーン?) 12
Milk (ミルク?) 48
1998 Duca 25 Strange Fruits
Hikari to Watashi (光と私 The Light and Me?) 17
1999 70% (Yūgure no Uta) (70%—夕暮れのうた 70% (Evening Song)?) 36
Let Me Know (with Towa Tei) 34 Last Century Modern
Ai no Hi Mittsu Orange (愛の火 3つ オレンジ Fire of Love, Three, Orange?) (with Yuki) 6
2000 Tsuki to Amai Namida (月と甘い涙 The Moon and Sweet Tears?) 12 Caramel Milk: The Best of Chara
Taisetsu o Kizuku Mono (大切をきずくもの Things That Make You Mean More to Me?) 14
Atari (Hit) (with Satoshi Tomiie) 68
2001 Lemon Candy (レモンキャンディ?) 32 Madrigal
Zero Landmine (charity supergroup 'N.M.L.') 1
Skirt (スカート?) (with James Iha) 37 Madrigal
Boku ni Utsushite (ボクにうつして Reflecting in Me?) (with James Iha) 78
2002 Hatsukoi (初恋 First Love?) 16 Yoake Mae
2003 Mieru wa (みえるわ I Can See!?) 71
2005 Hikari no Niwa (光の庭 Garden of Light?)
2006 Sapphire no Hoshi (サファイアの星 The Sapphire Star?) (with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) 16 Wild Peace
Sekai (世界 World?) 24 Union
Crazy for You 46
2007 Fantasy 13
Cherry Cherry 44 Honey
Boku no Koto o Shitte (ボクのことを知って Know Me?) 44
2008 Trophy 37
2009 Breaking Hearts 28 Carol
Kataomoi (片想い Unrequited Love?) 47
2012 Alterna Girlfriend (オルタナ・ガールフレンド?) 102 COCOON
Puranetto (プラネット Planet?) 105
ChouChouMusubi (蝶々結び Ribbon bow?) 87

Other appearances

Release Title Length Notes Album
1993 Sekaiichi Yōki na Otoko to Sekaiichi Inki na Onna (世界一陽気な男と世界一陰気な女 The Cheeriest Boy and the Gloomiest Girl in the World?) (Titi Matsumura feat. Chara) 3:44 Funa no Yō na Onna (ふなのような女 Boat-like Girl?)
Everytime We Say Good-bye (Titi Matsumura feat. Chara) 3:29
1997 I Want You (Oh! Penelope feat. Chara) Milk & Cookies
1999 Jū Ni Gatsu (12月 December?) (Tadanobu Asano feat. Chara) 3:51 Husband & wife duet We Love Butchers (Bloodthirsty Butchers tribute album)
2004 Mind Expansions (Cosmic Village feat. Chara) 4:46 Re KJM (Kyoto Jazz Massive tribute album)
2005 Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara (やさしさに包まれたなら If You're Wrapped Up in Kindness?) (Kumiko Yamashita feat. Chara & Mayumi Chiwaki & YOU) 3:14 Duets
2006 Hitomi wa Diamond (瞳はダイアモンド Your Eyes are Diamonds?) 5:39 Jewel Songs ~Seiko Matsuda Tribute & Covers~
2007 Love to Live By (M-Flo loves Chara) 5:40 Promotional animated music video released Cosmicolor
Magicsweets (Yoko Kanno feat. Chara) 0:36 2002 Shiseido PN commercial song CM Yoko
Magicsweets -Masao Nisugi Remix- (Yoko Kanno feat. Chara) 2:39
Love to Live By -FPM Eclectic Electric Mix- (M-Flo loves Chara) 6:19 ElectriColor
2008 Crazy for You (Club Edit) 5:58 Original song produced by Fantastic Plastic Machine. Album is a FPM mixtape. Sound Concierge JAPAN "Japanese Lyric Dance"
Time After Time (Chara feat. Hanaregumi) 4:59 Later released on the Kiss mini-album We Love Cyndi -Tribute to Cyndi Lauper-
Seven Nation Army (Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band feat. Chara) 4:11 The White Stripes cover. Promotional animated music video released World Class
Soul Ryder (Kohey Tsuchiya feat. Chara) 4:43 lyrics, music, arrangement in collaboration with Chara Music Flower (single)
Otanjōbi no Uta (おたんじょうびのうた Birthday Song?) Special song for childrearing information kit Kodomo Challenge Otanjōbi Kinengō (2008 anniversary kit issue)
Seven Nation Army (House Nation Sweet Monday Remix) (Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band feat. Chara) 3:30 House Nation Forth Gig
2009 Aoi Kakera (TV Size) (青いかけら Blue Pieces?) 1:35 Full version on Honey album Telepathy Shōjo Ran Original Soundtrack 2
Chaos (Curly Giraffe feat. Chara) 3:29 Also featured on the limited edition Thank You for Being a Friend E.P., released five months before the album. Thank You for Being a Friend
On Cloud Nine (Curly Giraffe feat. Chara) 3:48

Produced songs

Release Artist Title Role Album
1994 Miho Nakayama "Itazura ni Maneshitari..." (いたずらにまねしたり... Teasingly Copying...?) lyrics, music Pure White
1996 Yuki Uchida "Mō Iya" (もぉ いや It's Bad?) lyrics, music Ai no Baka
1998 Great3 Caligula background vocals, lyrics, music Great3 Singles 1994–2002
Ryo "Kiete yo" (キエテヨ Vanish?) lyrics, music "Kiete yo" (single) / Indigo Blue
"Anata. Watashi." (あなた。私。 You. Me.?) lyrics, music "Kiete yo" (single)
2001 Atami "Mica" background vocals, lyrics, music Atami
2003 Speed "Kiss" lyrics, music Bridge
2004 Misia "Mama Says" lyrics, music Singer for Singer
2007 Go Morita (V6) "Candy" lyrics, music Voyager (bonus CD)
2009 Yui Aragaki "Only You" lyrics, music Hug
2010 Aki Toyosaki "Boku o Sagashite" (ぼくを探して Searching for You?) background vocals, lyrics, music "Boku o Sagashite" (single)


  • Kiss - July 21, 1993
  • Chara's Clips 1991–1997 - September 21, 1997
  • 1997.11.1 - March 1, 1998
  • Chara's Clips 1997–2001 - October 11, 2001
  • Skirt -Short Film- - October 11, 2001
  • Live Life: Chara's UNION Live House Tour 2007 - August 29, 2007
  • Live Life 2: Chara Tour 2008 Honey - July 29, 2009
  • Live Tour 2011 "Very Special" - June 6, 2012


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