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  • File:Ambrose Everett Burnside.jpg


  • File:BMThomas.jpg


  • File:CDoolittle.jpg
  • File:CRWoodsBrigGen.jpg
  • File:CRWoodsMajGen.jpg
  • File:C C Walcutt BGen ACW.jpg
  • File:C C Walcutt COL ACW.jpg
  • File:C F Jackson ACW.JPG
  • File:C P Stone LtGen Egyptian Army.gif
  • File:C P Stone UA ACW.jpg
  • File:CharlesGriffin.jpg
  • File:CharlesThomasCampbell.jpg
  • File:Charles Clark.jpg
  • File:Christian fleetwood.jpg
  • File:Cockrell.jpg


  • File:D. P. Dearborn.jpg
  • File:D C Govan CSA ACW.jpg
  • File:D C Govan CSA early ACW.jpg
  • File:D N Couch UA ACW MGEN.JPG
  • File:DanvilleLeadbetter.jpg
  • File:Darius N. Couch - Brady-Handy.jpg


  • File:EHHobson.jpg
  • File:EPScammon.jpg
  • File:E P Chapin UA ACW.JPG
  • File:E P Chapin standing ACW.JPG
  • File:E W Pettus CSA ACW.JPG
  • File:Earl Van Dorn.jpg
  • File:Edmund Kirby Smith.jpg


  • File:Ferdinand Van Derveer.jpg
  • File:Fitz John Porter.jpg


  • File:GCWhartonACW.jpg
  • File:GPBuell.JPG
  • File:G H Chapman UA BGen ACW.jpg
  • File:G H Chapman UA col ACW.jpg
  • File:G H Chapman staff ACW.jpg
  • File:G J Stannard BGEN ACW.JPG
  • File:G J Stannard MGEN ACW.JPG
  • File:G J Stannard UA ACW.JPG
  • File:Gen-BWBrice.jpg
  • File:Gen-ChasEwing.jpg
  • File:Gen-RBrinkefhoff.jpg
  • File:Gen-Sill.jpg
  • File:Gen-ebtyler.jpg
  • File:Gen-nmclean.jpg

G cont.

  • File:GeneralThomasHHubbard.jpg
  • File:General R. E. Lee and Traveler.jpg
  • File:General Winfield Scott.JPEG
  • File:George Crook - Brady-Handy.jpg
  • File:George S. Greene.jpg


  • File:Hbcarrington-150.jpg


  • File:I J Wistar BGEN UA ACW.JPG
  • File:I J Wistar UA col ACW.JPG
  • File:I J Wistar early life ACW.jpg


  • File:JBSteedmanBGen.jpg
  • File:JBSteedmanMGenright.jpg
  • File:JCPembertonBLY.jpg
  • File:JCPembertonCiv.jpg
  • File:JHWinderCAPT.jpg
  • File:JMWithersACW.jpg
  • File:JMWithersCIV.jpg
  • File:JPMcCown.jpg
  • File:JWheelerCSAGenclose.jpg
  • File:JWheelerCSAGenseated.jpg
  • File:JWheelerCadetWestPoint.JPG
  • File:J C Fiser BGEN CSA ACW.gif
  • File:J H Clanton BGen CSA.jpg
  • File:J H Clanton BGen CSA ACW.jpg
  • File:J H McBride CSA ACW.gif
  • File:J K Jackson CSA ACW.jpg
  • File:J S Brisbin LL.JPG
  • File:J W McMillan ACW.jpg
  • File:John H. Morgan.jpg
  • File:John Sedgwick.png
  • File:Johnlclem 1863.jpg
  • File:JosephAlexanderCooper.jpg
  • File:Joseph Johnston.jpg
  • File:Josephbailey.jpg


  • File:LFairchildCivWar.jpg
  • File:L P Bradley ACW LL.JPG


  • File:MDMcAlester.JPG
  • File:MKLawler UA ACW.jpg
  • File:MRPatrick.jpg
  • File:M P Lowrey CSA ACW.jpg
  • File:Manning Force.jpg
  • File:McMillan, Staff ACW.jpg


  • File:NJTDanaBGEN.JPG
  • File:NJTDanaMGEN.JPG

N cont.

  • File:N J Jackson ACW.jpg
  • File:N J Jackson BGen.jpg
  • File:NicholasLongworthAnderson.jpg


  • File:P G T Beauregard CSA ACW.jpeg
  • File:Paxton-Elisha Franklin.jpg


  • File:RAllen.jpg
  • File:RLMcCook.jpg
  • File:RSGranger.jpg
  • File:RSRipley.jpg
  • File:RobertFrancisCatterson.jpg


  • File:SAMWoodACW.jpg
  • File:SDJackman.jpg
  • File:SDLee.jpg
  • File:S D Lee ACW CV parade.JPG
  • File:S D Lee ACW later life.jpg
  • File:S P Moore CSA surg-gen.jpg


  • File:T J McKean BGen ACW.JPG
  • File:T J McKean Staff ACW.JPG
  • File:T J Rodman UA ACW.jpg
  • File:T M Logan BGen CSA ACW.jpg
  • File:T M Logan EL ACW.jpg
  • File:T M Logan LL ACW.jpg
  • File:T O Osborn ACW.jpg
  • File:T O Osborn staff ACW.jpg


  • File:W.H.T. Walker CSA.jpg
  • File:WCWhitakerACWseatedclose.jpg
  • File:WCWhitakerACWstanding.jpg
  • File:WGrose.jpg
  • File:WHLytle.jpg
  • File:WSteele-laterlife.JPG
  • File:WSteeleACW.jpg
  • File:WTHBrooks.jpg
  • File:W H Wallace CIV ACW.jpg
  • File:W H Wallace Col CSA ACW.jpg
  • File:W L Elliott BGen ACW.JPG
  • File:W L Elliott LL.jpg
  • File:W N Pendleton CSA LL ACW.JPG
  • File:W Scott Brevet Lt. Gen USA.jpg
  • File:W Y C Humes CSA ACW.jpg
  • File:WilliamDuncanSmith.jpg
  • File:William Sooy Smith.jpg
  • File:Winfield Scott, ca. War of 1812.jpg


  • File:Z B Tower UA ACW.jpg
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