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94th Meridian West

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Title: 94th Meridian West  
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Subject: Isthmus of Tehuantepec, 86th meridian east, 93rd meridian west
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94th Meridian West

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94th meridian west

The meridian 94° west of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, North America, the Gulf of Mexico, Central America, the Pacific Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole.

The 94th meridian west forms a great circle with the 86th meridian east.

In the United States, the meridian runs just east of, and approximately parallel to, part of the border of Texas with Arkansas and Louisiana.

From Pole to Pole

Starting at the North Pole and heading south to the South Pole, the 94th meridian west passes through:

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
90°0′N 94°0′W / 90.000°N 94.000°W / 90.000; -94.000 (Arctic Ocean)

Arctic Ocean
21|N|94|0|W|type:country name=Canada


 Canada NunavutAxel Heiberg Island
78°53′N 94°0′W / 78.883°N 94.000°W / 78.883; -94.000 (Norwegian Bay)

Norwegian Bay
44|N|94|0|W|type:country name=Canada


 Canada NunavutCornwall Island
77°27′N 94°0′W / 77.450°N 94.000°W / 77.450; -94.000 (Belcher Channel)

Belcher Channel
55|N|94|0|W|type:country name=Canada


 Canada NunavutDevon Island
76°15′N 94°0′W / 76.250°N 94.000°W / 76.250; -94.000 (Wellington Channel)

Wellington Channel
28|N|94|0|W|type:country name=Canada


 Canada NunavutCornwallis Island
74°39′N 94°0′W / 74.650°N 94.000°W / 74.650; -94.000 (Parry Channel)

Parry Channel Barrow Strait
8|N|94|0|W|type:country name=Canada


 Canada NunavutSomerset Island
72°10′N 94°0′W / 72.167°N 94.000°W / 72.167; -94.000 (Gulf of Boothia)

Gulf of Boothia Brentford Bay
48|N|94|0|W|type:country name=Canada


 Canada Nunavut — mainland
68°48′N 94°0′W / 68.800°N 94.000°W / 68.800; -94.000 (Rasmussen Basin)

Rasmussen Basin
27|N|94|0|W|type:country name=Canada


 Canada Nunavut — mainland
61°5′N 94°0′W / 61.083°N 94.000°W / 61.083; -94.000 (Hudson Bay)

Hudson Bay
46|N|94|0|W|type:country name=Canada


 Canada Manitoba
Ontario — from 53°32′N 94°0′W / 53.533°N 94.000°W / 53.533; -94.000 (Ontario)

39|N|94|0|W|type:country name=United States


 United States Minnesota
Iowa — from 43°30′N 94°0′W / 43.500°N 94.000°W / 43.500; -94.000 (Iowa)
Missouri — from 40°34′N 94°0′W / 40.567°N 94.000°W / 40.567; -94.000 (Missouri)
Arkansas — from 36°30′N 94°0′W / 36.500°N 94.000°W / 36.500; -94.000 (Arkansas)
Louisiana — from 33°1′N 94°0′W / 33.017°N 94.000°W / 33.017; -94.000 (Louisiana)
Texas — from 31°58′N 94°0′W / 31.967°N 94.000°W / 31.967; -94.000 (Texas)

29°40′N 94°0′W / 29.667°N 94.000°W / 29.667; -94.000 (Gulf of Mexico)

Gulf of Mexico
15|N|94|0|W|type:country name=Mexico


 Mexico Tabasco
Veracruz — from 17°50′N 94°0′W / 17.833°N 94.000°W / 17.833; -94.000 (Veracruz)
Oaxaca — from 17°9′N 94°0′W / 17.150°N 94.000°W / 17.150; -94.000 (Oaxaca)
Chiapas — from 16°48′N 94°0′W / 16.800°N 94.000°W / 16.800; -94.000 (Chiapas)

16°0′N 94°0′W / 16.000°N 94.000°W / 16.000; -94.000 (Pacific Ocean)

Pacific Ocean
60°0′S 94°0′W / 60.000°S 94.000°W / -60.000; -94.000 (Southern Ocean)

Southern Ocean
31|S|94|0|W|type:country name=Antarctica


Antarctica Unclaimed territory

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