1972 UFO sightings in the Eastern Cape

The eastern Cape region of South Africa was the scene of UFO activity during the year 1972, when some 25 incidents were claimed,[1] some of which involved multiple witnesses. Two observations of landed craft attracted media attention, while another remained obscure.

Fort Beaufort UFO incident

1972 UFO sightings in the eastern Cape
Location of Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape

At 9:00 am on 26 June, farm worker de Klerk of the farm Braeside near Fort Beaufort in the eastern Cape, observed a puff of smoke in the sky which soon turned into a fireball. De Klerk informed farm owner Smit, who contacted the police after observing the object at tree top height. Smit fired eight shots at the object with a .303 caliber rifle, but apart from an audible thud as one bullet struck, there was no visible effect. Meanwhile police sergeant Kitching and police station commander Van Rensburg arrived.

They were in time to see the craft settled in a wooded area against a hillside. It now had a glossy black, metallic colour and was shaped like a 44-gallon drum. It was three-legged and carried a vertical "aerial". Kitching fired another two shots upon which the object alighted with a whirring sound, while changing colour from green to yellow and eventually whitish. It hovered momentarily before departing, nearby vegetation yielding as it moved. Three imprints were found at each of three spots where it touched down. The area was soon cordoned off by the Grahamstown army regiment.[2][3][4][5]

Rosmead UFO incident

1972 UFO sightings in the eastern Cape
Location of Rosmead, near Middelburg, Eastern Cape

At 8:15 pm on 12 November four soldiers at the Rosmead military camp in the eastern Cape, observed a rotating set of red lights near their duty room, but these went out before they could investigate. School headmaster Harold Truter arrived some 10 minutes later at the Rosmead Junior school, and observed an unusual light hovering silently over a nearby ridge, which cast an oblique beam to the ground.[6]

Due to a 'flickering glow' hanging over the locked tennis court he decided to investigate. He found broken and molten tar and different sets of symmetrically placed imprints on the court. Fragments of tar were later found strewn at a distance of 183 m on a nearby ridge, while some Eucalypt trees which grew nearby, were badly burnt and died soon after. The tennis court is considered to have been a possible landing site of a UFO, while other UFO sightings were claimed from the vicinity.[3][7][8]


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