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Swaminatha Desikar

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Title: Swaminatha Desikar  
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Swaminatha Desikar

Swaminatha Desikar
Susai (a) Swaminatha Desikar
Susai Alias Swaminatha Desikar
Born Swaminatha Desikar
(1860-11-11)11 November 1860
Died 7 May 1939(1939-05-07) (aged 78)
Ethnicity Christian - Desikar

Swaminatha Desikar "Susai" (Tamil: ) (19th century), born Swaminatha Desikar, was a spiritual writer. He was born from a Tamil-speaking Desikar family in Valavanur, Tamil Nadu. He compiled three books in Tamil.


Family background

Swaminatha Desikar was born in a village called Valavanur (Valavanur) ] near by Mailam in Tamil Nadu, South India into an orthodox Saiva Tamil (Desikar) family around the middle of the 19th century. Swaminatha Desikar's father was a respected spiritual leader. His father Sundaresanar Desikar was a philosopher and Sthapathi. The great Tamil poet Velaiyar is the grand father of Swaminatha Desikar and Siva Prakasar[1] and Karunai prakasar are sundaresanar's uncles. Gnambikai Ammal wife of Santhalinga Swamigal is Sundaresanar’s aunt.

Siva prakasar was blessed as ‘Siva anuputhichelvar’ by Sri Sivagnana Balaya swamigal from Mailam Pommapura Aathenam mutt. He is also acclaimed as ‘Karpanai Kalangiyam’ by Tamil scholars. He compiled “ Neerotta amaha Anthathi “ to defeat an arrogant Poet. Those thirty venpa verses will not make both lips touch. And also written 'Nanneri, Yesu Matha Niragaranam (The Refuting the Religion of Jesus).[2]

He attain mukthi motcha at his 32 age in Nallathur near pondy.

Siva prakasar's sister Gnambikai married Perur Santhalinga Swamigal.[3]

Karunai prakasar get married . And he wrote more than five books in Tamil. Seegalathi sarukkam, Ishtalinga Agaval.

He demised at Thiruvengai.

Velaiyar Grandpa of Swaminatha Desikar married Meenatchi Ammal . He got a son named as Sundaresanar. Velaiyar father of Sundaresanar wrote more than seven books. Mayilathula, Nallur puranam, Mayilai thirattai mani maalai, Ishta linga kaithala maalai, Kumbakona Sarangathevar history as Veera singhathana puranam, Gugai Namachivaya Desikar history as Namchivaya leelai and Krisnanan history as Paarijatha leelai.

And attain mukthi motcha at Perumathur at the age of seventy two.

Sundaresanar married Karpagammal . He settled down his family in Valavanur.[4]

Swaminatha Desikar converted himself to Christianity, changed his name as Susai alias Swaminatha desikar and married Gnasounthari. He got two sons and one daughter named as Savarimuthu, Gnamuthu and Rakkini. Savarimuthu married Mary from Penang and got two sons named as S.V.S.Rathinam and Ponnuthambi.

Early life

Swaminatha Desikar learnt all sort of arts. He became a philosopher as well as a very good sculptor . As he belongs to a Saivai orthodox family, he use to do Katha Kalatchepam in temples. He always prefer to play the Yesu Matha Niragaranam themes in his Katha Kaltchepam (Divine story telling programme). But his mind was changed and made him to convert himself to Christianity.

Final years

He demised near by Thirukovilur at the age of 79.


He wrote more than three books and few folk dramas (Koothu).


  • Gnasounthari Koothu Kaviyam
  • Yesuvin uyirpu
  • Naan En kiristhuan Aanen


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