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List of decommissioned ships of the Finnish Navy

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Title: List of decommissioned ships of the Finnish Navy  
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Subject: Finnish Navy, Ships of the Finnish Navy, Lists of ships by country, Rauma-class missile boat, Hamina-class missile boat
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List of decommissioned ships of the Finnish Navy

This is a list of former vessels of the Finnish Navy.


  • Coastal defence ship 1
  • Submarine 2
    • Vetehinen-class submarines 2.1
    • Vesikko-class submarines 2.2
    • Saukko-class submarines 2.3
    • AG-class submarines 2.4
  • Icebreaker 3
  • Mine warfare 4
    • Minelayer 4.1
      • Ruotsinsalmi-class minelayers 4.1.1
      • Teplokhod-class minelayers 4.1.2
      • Pukkio-class minelayers 4.1.3
      • Requisitioned minelayers 4.1.4
    • Minesweepers 4.2
      • Rautu-class minesweepers 4.2.1
      • SM-class minesweepers 4.2.2
      • Ahven-class minesweepers 4.2.3
      • Kuha-class minesweepers (1941) 4.2.4
      • Kuha class minesweepers (1974) 4.2.5
      • Kiiski class minesweepers 4.2.6
      • A-class minesweepers 4.2.7
      • DR-class minesweepers 4.2.8
  • Gunboat 5
  • Frigate 6
  • Corvette 7
  • Patrol/ASW vessels 8
    • Kiisla-class patrol boat 8.1
  • Escort vessels 9
  • Fast attack craft 10
    • Tuima class missile boat 10.1
    • Helsinki class missile boat 10.2
  • Torpedo boat 11
    • Sisu class motor torpedo boat 11.1
    • Isku class motor torpedo boat 11.2
    • Syöksy class motor torpedo boat 11.3
    • 'V class' motor torpedo boats 11.4
    • Dark class fast patrol boat 11.5
    • Patrol boat 11.6
    • H class motor torpedo boat 11.7
    • J class motor torpedo boat 11.8
    • T class motor torpedo boat 11.9
    • R class patrol boat 11.10
    • Motor patrol boats 11.11
    • Nuoli class motor gunboat 11.12
    • Hovercraft 11.13
  • School ships 12
  • Connection vessels 13
  • Surveillance ships 14
  • Transport 15
    • Hauki class transport 15.1
    • Kampela class transport 15.2
    • Kala class transport 15.3
    • Lohi class transport 15.4
    • Valas class transport 15.5
  • Training ships 16
    • Heikki class training ship 16.1
    • Lokki class training ship 16.2
  • Command launches 17
    • Askeri class command launch 17.1
    • Träskö class command launch 17.2
  • See also 18
  • References 19

Coastal defence ships


Vetehinen-class submarines

Vesikko-class submarines

Saukko-class submarines

AG-class submarines


Mine warfare


Ruotsinsalmi-class minelayers

Teplokhod-class minelayers

Also known as minelaying boats or T-class boats.

Pukkio-class minelayers

Requisitioned minelayers


Rautu-class minesweepers

SM-class minesweepers

Ahven-class minesweepers

Kuha-class minesweepers (1941)

Kuha class minesweepers (1974)

  • Kuha 22 (22)
  • Kuha 25 (25)

Kiiski class minesweepers

  • Kiiski 2 (522)

A-class minesweepers

DR-class minesweepers

Former United States Army Design 257-A 74 foot tugs.[1]




Patrol/ASW vessels

Kiisla-class patrol boats

Escort vessels

Fast attack craft

Tuima class missile boats

Helsinki class missile boats

Torpedo boats

Sisu class motor torpedo boats

Isku class motor torpedo boats

Syöksy class motor torpedo boats

'V class' motor torpedo boats

Dark class fast patrol boat

Patrol boat

H class motor torpedo boats

J class motor torpedo boats

T class motor torpedo boats

R class patrol boats

Motor patrol boats

Nuoli class motor gunboats


School ships

Connection vessels

Surveillance ships


Hauki class transports

Kampela class transports

Kala class transports

Lohi class transports

Valas class transports

  • Valas (897)
  • Vahakari (121)
  • Mursu (98)

Training ships

Heikki class training ships

  • H3 (683)

Lokki class training ships

  • Lokki (57)

Command launches

Askeri class command launch

  • Viiri

Träskö class command launch

  • Alskär (993)
  • Torsö (894)

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