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Title: Incontrolable  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Ska-P, Ska-P albums, Hippolyte Girardot, Med Hondo
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Live album by Ska-P
Released November 3, 2004
Recorded 2004
Genre ska punk

CD: 73:28

DVD: 63:56
Label Sony BMG
Producer Tony López
Ska-P chronology
¡¡Que Corra La Voz!!
Lágrimas y Gozos

Incontrolable is an album by the Spanish ska punk band Ska-P. It was released in 2004 and recorded live in Switzerland, Italy and France. It also includes a DVD with 13 of the tracks from the album.

The cover depicts the band’s fully laden tour bus being driven recklessly by Gato López, who is also “giving the claw”, and smashing through a border control bar. A startled bald eagle (the national bird of the United States) has just managed to escape being hit. The title could be loosely translated either as “uncontrollable” or “out of control”.


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  • Track list DVD 2
  • Personnel 3
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Track list CD

All songs written and composed by Ska-P. 
No. Title Length
1. "Estampida"   5:32
2. "El Gato López"   2:44
3. "Niño Soldado"   3:59
4. "Planeta Eskoria"   4:36
5. "Mestizaje"   4:33
6. "Intifada"   3:43
7. "Vals Del Obrero"   5:46
8. "Mis Colegas"   4:16
9. "Vergüenza"   4:24
10. "Solamente Per Pensare (En Italiano)"   3:34
11. "Romero El Madero"   4:52
12. "Welcome To Hell"   4:36
13. "A La Mierda"   4:07
14. "Kasposos"   6:43
15. "Paramilitar"   4:38
16. "Cannabis"   5:25
Total length:

Track list DVD

No. Title Length
1. "Niño Soldado"    
2. "Tio Sam"    
3. "Gato Lopez"    
4. "Planeta Eskoria"    
5. "Vals Del Obrero"    
6. "Intifada"    
7. "Romero El Madero"    
8. "Welcome To Hell"    
9. "A La Mierda"    
10. "Sexo Y Religion"    
11. "Derecho De Admision"    
12. "Kasposos"    
13. "Cannabis"    
14. "BONUS: Videoclips"    
Total length:


  • Pulpul - Vocals and guitar
  • Luismi - Drums
  • Julio - Bass guitar
  • Joxemi - Guitar
  • Kogote - Keyboard
  • Pipi - Backup vocals and toaster

External links

  • Ska-P's Official Website
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