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List of heads of state of the Comoros

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Title: List of heads of state of the Comoros  
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Subject: List of current heads of state and government, Comorian independence referendum, 1974, List of heads of government of Lesotho, List of Presidents of Seychelles, List of heads of government of Cape Verde
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List of heads of state of the Comoros

President of the
Union of the Comoros
Ikililou Dhoinine

since 26 May 2011
Term length 5 years
Inaugural holder Ali Soilih
Formation 27 October 1977
Deputy Vice President of the Comoros
This article is part of a series on the
politics and government of
the Comoros

Heads of State of the Comoros (1975–Present)

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Portrait Incumbent Affiliation Notes
State of the Comoros Independence from France
(État Comorien)
6 July 1975 to 7 July 1975 Ahmed Abdallah, President of the Government UDC 1st Term
7 July 1975 to 3 August 1975 Ahmed Abdallah, Head of State
3 August 1975 to 10 August 1975 Said Mohamed Jaffar, Chairman of the National Council of the Revolution UNF
10 August 1975 to 3 January 1976 Said Mohamed Jaffar, Chairman of the National Executive Council
3 January 1976 to 28 October 1977 Ali Soilih, Head of State RDPC
28 October 1977 to 13 May 1978 Ali Soilih, President Deposed in a coup d'état
13 May 1978 to 23 May 1978 Said Atthoumani, Chairman of the Politico-Military Directorate UNF
Federal and Islamic Republic of the Comoros
(République fédérale islamique des Comores)
(Jumhuriyat al-Qumur al-Itthadiyah al-Islamiyah)
23 May 1978 to 22 July 1978 Ahmed Abdallah, Co-Chairman of the Politico-Military Directorate UDC 2nd Term
Mohamed Ahmed, Co-Chairman of the Politico-Military Directorate UDC
22 July 1978 to 3 October 1978 Ahmed Abdallah, Co-Chairman of the Directorate UDC 2nd Term
Mohamed Ahmed, Co-Chairman of the Directorate UDC
3 October 1978 to 25 October 1978 Ahmed Abdallah, Chairman of the Directorate UDC 2nd Term
25 October 1978 to 26 November 1989 Ahmed Abdallah, President UDC/UCP 2nd Term; Assassinated
26 November 1989 to 27 November 1989 Haribon Chebani, Provisional President UCP Deposed in a coup d'état
27 November 1989 to 20 March 1990 Said Mohamed Djohar, Acting President UCP/RDR
20 March 1990 to 29 September 1995 Said Mohamed Djohar, President 1st Term; Deposed in a coup d'état
29 September 1995 to 2 October 1995 Combo Ayouba, Coordinator of the Transitional Military Committee Mil
2 October 1995 to 5 October 1995 Mohamed Taki Abdoulkarim, Acting President UNDC 1st Term
Said Ali Kemal, Acting President CHUMA
5 October 1995 to 26 January 1996 Caabi El-Yachroutu Mohamed, Interim President RDR
26 January 1996 to 25 March 1996 Said Mohamed Djohar, President RDR 2nd Term
25 March 1996 to 6 November 1998 Mohamed Taki Abdoulkarim, President RND 2nd Term; Died in office
6 November 1998 to 30 April 1999 Tadjidine Ben Said Massounde, Interim President n-p Deposed in a coup d'état
30 April 1999 to 6 May 1999 Azali Assoumani, Chief of Staff of the National Development Army Mil 1st Term
6 May 1999 to 23 December 2001 Azali Assoumani, Head of State 1st Term
Union of the Comoros (Union des Comores)
الاتحاد القمر (Udzima wa Komori)
23 December 2001 to 21 January 2002 Azali Assoumani, Head of State Mil 1st Term
21 January 2002 to 26 May 2002 Hamada Madi Bolero, Interim President PRC
26 May 2002 to 26 May 2006 Azali Assoumani, President CRC 2nd Term
26 May 2006 to 26 May 2011 Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi, President BM
26 May 2011 to Present Ikililou Dhoinine, President BM


Latest election

 Summary of the 7 November and 26 December 2010 Comorian presidential election results
Candidates Mohéli primary 2nd round
Votes % Votes %
Ikililou Dhoinine 3,785 28.19 111,279 61.12
Mohamed Said Fazul 3,080 22.94 59,437 32.65
Abdou Djabir 1,327 9.88 11,339 6.23
Bianrifi Tarmidhi 1,250 9.31  
Saïd Dhoifir Bounou 1,154 8.59
Hamada Madi Bolero 1,060 7.89
Mohamed Larifou Oukacha 977 7.28
Mohamed Hassanaly 523 3.90
Abdoulhakim Ben Allaoui 208 1.55
Zahariat Said Ahmed 63 0.47
Total votes for candidates 13,427 100.00 182,055 100.00
Blank and null votes 391 13,812
Total valid votes 13,818 195,867
Invalid votes 564
Total votes cast 14,382 195,867
Electorate and turnout 21,429 67.10 384,358 50.96
Sources: Courrier International Al Watwan

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