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Plutarchs Lives Volume One

By: Hugh Clough

...icted by others, who affirm, that he was acquainted with neither the Greek language nor learning, and that he was a person of that natural talent and ... ...ome anxiety and care; insomuch that you may see men that use the strongest language against the marriage-bed and the fruit of it, when some servant’s ... ...from other countries, where —so far their lot to roam, They had forgot the language of their home; and some he had set at liberty,— Who here in shamef... ...s only evidence that the power she boasts of and her ancient wealth are no romance or idle story, was his construction of the public and sacred buildi... ...t consulship had the honor of a triumph for the victory he gained over the Ligurians, whom he defeated in a set battle, and drove them to take shelter... ... Appius. I do not find that Fabius won any set battle but that against the Ligurians, for which he had his triumph; whereas Pericles erected nine tro-... ...nd improve. T o proceed: Aemilius, being chosen consul, waged war with the Ligurians, or Ligustines, a people near the Alps. They were a bold and warl...

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