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The Labor Divide

By: Sam Vaknin

... palma@unet.com.mk or to samvaknin@gmail.com Visit the Author Archive of Dr. Sam Vaknin in "Central Europe Review" http://www.ce-review.org/au... ...ide.html ISBN: 9989-929-27-0 Created by: LIDIJA RANGELOVSKA REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA 100 articles and essays (microeconomics ... ...pod.com/internet.html http://samvak.tripod.com/busiweb.html Table of Contents I. Battling Unemployment II. The Labour Divide - I. Emp... ...mployment benefits can be flat (as is the case in Bulgaria and Italy). In Australia and New Zealand, both sickness benefits and unemployment benefi... ...s. In Sweden and Germany there is co-determination. Workers have a quasi- constitutional shop floor representation even in non-wage related matters ... ...overage by collective agreements were both reduced (USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia) that employment reacted favourably. Thus, at the one extreme we... ... British White Paper, and other such declarations were made in Canada and Australia. Full Employment Budget Although the idea of budget balance in... ...mber and October. It will also challenge the amendments to the law in the Constitutional Court. Solidarity recently called upon the Polish administr... ...ransparency and equity in employment conditions, but also the definition, constitution, and implementation of the employment contract." In a futuri...

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