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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

... Factbook 1987 CP/1S WF 87-001 US Government officials should obtain copies of The World Factbook directly from their own organization or through lia... ... channels from the Central Intelligence Agency. Requesters in the Department of Defense may obtain copies from: Defense Intelligence Agency RTS-2C Was... ...40-3344 Tel: (202) 373-3869 or Autovon 243-3869 Requesters in the Department of State may obtain copies from: Department of State INR/IC/CD Room 8646 ... ...bania Algeria Andorra Angola Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Aruba 11 Australia 12 Austria 13 Bahamas, The 15 Bahrain 16 Bangladesh 17 Barbados... ...nd National Assembly) supposed to convene eventually and ap- prove permanent constitution Government leaders: NAJIB, General Secretary, People's Democ... ...rane Administrative divisions: 26 rrethet (districts) Legal system: based on constitution adopted in 1976; judicial review of legisla- tive acts only ... ...al system: based on French and Is- lamic law, with socialist principles; new constitution adopted by referendum No- vember 1976; judicial review of le... ...ation Defense Defense is the responsibility of the Nether- lands until 1996 Australia Coral Sea Inditn Ocean See regionalmap X Geography Total area: ... ...s: none; maritime dis- pute with Indonesia; territorial claim in Antarctica (Australian Antarctic Territory) Climate: generally arid to semiarid; tem-...

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