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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

... Factbook 1987 CP/1S WF 87-001 US Government officials should obtain copies of The World Factbook directly from their own organization or through lia... ... channels from the Central Intelligence Agency. Requesters in the Department of Defense may obtain copies from: Defense Intelligence Agency RTS-2C Was... ...40-3344 Tel: (202) 373-3869 or Autovon 243-3869 Requesters in the Department of State may obtain copies from: Department of State INR/IC/CD Room 8646 ... ...oupe 98 Guatemala 99 (iuenisey 101 Guinea 102 Guinea-Bissau 103 Guyana 104 H Haiti 105 Honduras 107 Hong Kong 108 Hungary 110 iv Page Iceland 111 Ind... ...r Protestants, Greek Orthodox, and Jews Language: English; some Creole among Haitian immigrants Infant mortality rate: 20.20/1,000 (1984) Life expecta... ...c Capital: Bujumbura Administrative divisions: 15 provinces, subdivided into arrondissements and communes according to a 1982 redistrict- ing Legal sy... ...al: Yaounde Administrative divisions: 10 provinces divided into departments, arrondissements, districts, led by provincial governors ap- pointed by Pr... ...out the size of New Hampshire and Vermont combined Land boundary 361 km with Haiti Coastline: 1,288 km Maritime claims: Contiguous zone: 24 nm Contine... ...since April 1974 Capital: Niamey Administrative divisions: 7 departments, 38 arrondissements Legal system: based on French civil law system and custom...

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