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Life's Word : Enhance Your Life

By: Master Sujay Uday Rittikar

Poetry Collection

For turns will say stop but go taunt them up As failure's shadow comes with a barn full stocks But when stocks are turned into gains It creates capability of burning the ice of failure ...

Contents The One 6 Strife Turnaround 7 The Big Extents 8 Tree too an Invention 9 Dreams, the imaginary creators 10 Hopes, the enemy and friend of Life 11 Small Makes It Large 12 Struggle, don’t give up 13 Ways matter a lot 14 Burn thy ice of failure 15 Trek thou road of Sorrow 16 Wish for the failure 17 My Towntry(fusion of town and country) 19 The Heaven's Trek 20 Being True 21 Pyramid, a quest of Science 22 Behave to achieve 23 Captured Shadows of Invisible Minds 24 Song of the Warrior 25 Change, a major enhancer 26 The World is ONE 27 There is something, somewhere in you 28 Creations 29 God 30 Word been Mistaken 31 The Segregated Memory 32 Failure- a teacher 33 Shadows of joy 34 Be Exemplar and not GREAT 35 The Wall to be broken 36 Simple Presence, a Complexion Past 37 It's your Kismet 38 The Days Lost 39 Life- Nerd to World 41 Sip of Lender Land 42 Mother Earth 43 ...

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