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The Darkest Hopes : Find Hope through the Darkness

By: Master Sujay Uday Rittikar

The book comprises of 25 poems, in form of rhyme, brevity and freestyle. As the title says, the poems in this book aims to make reader feel a sight of hope even in the darkest realms and problems in the life. When you feel tired, depressed, abandoned, frozen, this book can make you feel a plight of hope and refreshment from your tired daily-life. Read each poem, understand it's core meaning and it'll make you feel better as, expressions understand the expressions. This is my new collection, more will come with much interesting topics. Each reader will find a topic or a poem that corresponds with problems in their life and to make them realize that, there will be many dark zones but, one day, a streak of light will cover their home....

"The stabs inside the heart's labs prove to be the best cabs to fab future"

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