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Prospects for Research Studies in Language Codes

By: VED from Victoria Institutions

There is a huge expanse of information waiting to be explored in the field of language studies. I would say that what waits deciphering would beat even modern science, in its possibilities. A new non-physical reality A new sphere of ‘reality’ has opened up for exploring. This is the world of Software. Even though no one seems to mention this exactly, the truth is that it is a domain from where physical sciences can be seen as bare elementary knowledge. Scope of language research I am going to list out the various kinds of research fields possible for those who are connected to language studies. The list I am going to mention is way beyond that the usual whereabouts of linguistic research. Even though grammar, word construction, pronunciation are all of specific importance in this new arena, there will be definite difference in what they do serve over here, from what they are supposed to do at the ordinary text levels. ...

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