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The Time Rippers : Book 1

By: Pete Bertino

Two 21st century men travel through time and alternate universes recovering UFO debris from the 1947 Roswell crash.

The air pulled out of his lungs, a moment of breathlessness and it is over. The lyrics to a Pink Floyd song fill his head. “home, home again” "Home.." AM Lincoln said as he steps through the wormhole, older but not aged, his gray-green eyes betray his youth. A sense of weightlessness fills his body every time he rips. The cube glows a florescent green. The journey although less than 5 seconds is 13 years across 1 universe. He looks at the familiar beige wall that stands before him. Water dripping into one of the many drains that kept the labyrinth from flooding and the hum of traffic above ground were the last things he heard when left and were still here to welcome him back. Quake, his cousin, would be waiting in the safe-room. The entry back to his present time left him feeling airy, almost light on his feet as it always did. The sensation you might feel after a long flight on a airplane, AM didn't feel queasy, not a bit, just a little off. Although not the first rip back in time, this rip had given him the years that would never show on him. He put the Q pad back in his backpack. Quake and AM purchased a half dozen 2...

Table of Contents Chapter 1:2002 Chapter 2:2010 Chapter 3:2011 Chapter 4:1829 Chapter 5:1993 Chapter 6:1992 Chapter 7:1993 Chapter 8:1992 Chapter 9:1993-2011 ...

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