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Self Realization : Gnani Purush Dadashri

By: by Shuddha Anami, Translator

Have you ever wondered 'Who am I?' in all this that happens and is happening in this life? Who are you, really? Are you really this body-mind complex. Knowing who you really are is Self realization. Self realization helps one become free from the problems of the mind and the body in daily life.

If one has attained eternal bliss, and when the worldly pains do not affect him, then he has become free. Permanent bliss (param anand), is verily called liberation (moksha). What is the use of any other liberation? We want happiness. Do you like happiness or not? Tell me that. Questioner: All the struggles are for that only. Dadashri: Yes, you do not like that temporary happiness. Unhappiness (pain) follows this temporary happiness (pleasure); that is why one does not...

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