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The Reverse Perspective : Fifteen Years of EcoDesign at Philips Co...

By: by Ph.D. Ab Stevels

The booklet ‘EcoDesign at Philips Consumer Electronics (PCE), 1993-2008, the Reverse Perspective’, described the development of EcoDesign in this division of the Philips concern. The introduction process was summarized in a model consisting of five ‘waves’. Some fifty short stories illustrating these developments were presented as well. This material represents a set of experiences of which many elements are still relevant today for practitioners of applied EcoDesign and...

"Organizational decisions –good, bad or confusing– did not guarantee that EcoDesign was automatically on the agenda of PCE. Ensuring credibility and being on the action agenda were the first priority…." "Making clear that environmental benefits combine often with tangible business benefits (cost reduction, streamlining of operation) and putting the business benefits first in the communication in the internal value chain added a lot to the credibility and acceptance of...

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The Reverse Perspective : Fifteen Years of EcoDesign at Philips Co...

By: by Ab Stevels

This book describes what happened in the field of EcoDesign at the Consumer Electronics Division (PCE) of Philips Electronics in the years 1993-2008. Fifty stories illustrate the five overlapping stages of its development: Get the facts, stimulate creative thinking, implement and validate, integrate into design and production, and communicate results effectively. EcoDesign has been introduced to PCE through a bottom-up approach with an emphasis on common sense. This e...

The electronics industry has been dealing with EcoDesign as of the early nineties of last century. There has been a variety of drivers to do so, varying from ethics to complying with (new) environmental legislation. After 25 years a new generation of EcoDesigners has entered the field. This generation operates from the wider sustainability perspective, that is taking apart from environmental also social and economic considerations into account. It is supported by a knowl...

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