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I was born in Alsace, France, in 1960.

As a young man, I served for the French equivalent of the Peace Corps for two years in the Philippines. Needless to say I fell in love with the country and with South East Asia in general.

The novel grew on me very slowly over the years. Originally it was to be the story of the White Rajah, but as time passed, it developed into that of Thomas Hermann.

(By the way, I recommend reading Tom William's 'The White Rajah' and 'Voyage East' about the 'real' White Rajah, James Brooke. It was actually reading his books which convinced me to publish mine in two parts)

I have been teaching English as a foreign language for thirty years, and when I decided to stop fantasizing about this story and actually start writing it (that was three years ago), I set myself the challenge of writing in English and not in French, to see if I was able to do it. It has a long and arduous process (mostly writing at night, when my day's work was done and my family obligations were fulfilled - I have a wonderful wife and two marvelous chidren). I hope it will pass muster.

I am currently living in Reunion Island, a tiny French territory in the Indian Ocean.

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By: Chris Korman

The story is a waking dream, in which the main protagonist, Thomas (Tom) Herman will be carried away in a whirlpool of events that will reveal his true identity

The arrival Then the heat hit him like an inescapable steamy landslide. Thick, heavy and sweltering. He had to gasp. 'Oh my! Oh my!' he exclaimed, choking, as it dawned on him that this would be his world from then on. The smell of hot humid air, as if he were stepping into a sauna bath, suffocated him. He could feel the film of moisture spreading over his back snake-like, soaking his shirt, enfolding his body. Feeling dizzy after eighteen hours in the cold air-conditio...

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Out in the Mangrove

By: Chris Korman

Though the book is an apprenticeship novel, it contains explicit straight and gay sex scenes.

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