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The Brussels Legacy

By: Mrs. Leanne Adrienne Delehanty

‘The Brussels Legacy’, represents 10 years of work on a series of short stories, the appropriate recipes to accompany them, as well as the book’s full-colour illustrations which were painted on canvas and paper. ‘The Brussels Legacy’ is a satirical romp through European and American art history. Most textbooks on art are rather weighty, but in Delehanty’s stories, recipes, and illustrations, absolutely nothing is taken too seriously. The short stories are based upon the ...

From: The Spartan Comedian:‘Silence,’ bellowed Pissistrates. ‘I’ll interrogate this boy! Tell me, sugar, where is the Ancient Shield of Perseus, the one he used to kill the Medusa? Where does it lie?’ ‘I didn’t take it,’ replied Zakaris calmly. ‘It wasn’t me.’ ‘What did you say, boy?’ ‘I swear I didn’t take it, Master.’ The other boys smirked and snorted. They whispered behind their hands. Zakaris was about to get the first beating of the year.

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