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Windows 10: Secrets and Tips for Busy People

By: Kim Komando

It’s a miracle that you get as much done as you do. Technology is helping you to be increasingly productive, although none of us often pays attention to its role in our lives. But just imagine tackling everyday tasks like paying bills, organizing digital photos, chatting with your kids scattered around the country and so much more without a PC or laptop. It’s simply mind-boggling just how much we get done every day, thanks to computer programs such as Microsoft Windows.

Introduced way back in Windows 7, snapping is a cool feature that lets you automatically resize and position your open applications into nifty little side-by-side windows.

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How to get Free HDTV and Cut the Cable

By: Kim Komando

Have you ever considered ditching your cable or satellite company? Millions of people are switching over to online streaming and doing so can save you thousands. But even then, which one is the right option? Lucky for you, I've got the perfect eBook to show you the best ways to cut the cord on cable and satellite. I'll walk you through the different service options and help you find the hardware you need. Download my eBook, “Kim Komando's Guide to Cutting the Cord on Cable TV.”

Sometimes it seems like your mailbox is nothing but a printing machine for an endless series of bills. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, another one pops out like a little gremlin and steals a bit more money from your bank account. You want to stop them, but everything you’re buying seems so essential. Well, there’s one “essential” that I guarantee you can do without. Unless I miss my guess, one of the biggest bills you get each month is the cable bill. You easi...

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