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Dance Craze

Dance Craze is a 1981 British documentary film about the English 2 Tone music genre.[3]

The film was directed by Joe Massot,[3] who originally wanted to do a film only about the band Madness, whom he met during their first US tour. Massot later changed his plans to include the whole 2 Tone movement. The film, shot in 1980, comprised performance footage of Madness, The Specials, The Selecter, The Bodysnatchers, the Beat and Bad Manners on tour throughout the United Kingdom. A soundtrack album of the same name was released the same year, featuring fifteen of the songs that were featured in the film. Later versions of the soundtrack album do not contain the Madness tracks, adding tracks credited to the Special AKA, a name under which the Specials were known.


  1. "Nite Klub" – The Specials
  2. "The Prince" – Madness
  3. "Ne-Ne-Na-Na-Na-Na-Nu-Nu" – Bad Manners
  4. "007 (Shanty Town)" – The Bodysnatchers
  5. "Three Minute Hero" – The Selecter
  6. "Ranking Full Stop" – The Beat
  7. "Big Shot" – The Beat
  8. "Concrete Jungle" – The Specials
  9. "Swan Lake" – Madness
  10. "Razor Blade Alley" – Madness
  11. "Missing Words" – The Selecter
  12. "Let's Do the Rock Steady" – The Bodysnatchers
  13. "Lip Up Fatty" – Bad Manners
  14. "Madness" – Madness
  15. "Too Much Too Young" – The Specials
  16. "On My Radio" – The Selecter
  17. "Easy Life" – The Bodysnatchers
  18. "Rough Rider" – The Beat
  19. "Man at C&A" – The Specials
  20. "Inner London Violence" – Bad Manners
  21. "Night Boat to Cairo" – Madness
  22. "Twist and Crawl" – The Beat
  23. "Wooly Bully" – Bad Manners
  24. "Too Much Pressure" – The Selecter
  25. "Mirror in the Bathroom" – The Beat
  26. "One Step Beyond" – Madness
  27. "Nite Klub" – The Specials

Soundtrack LP

Side One

  1. "Concrete Jungle" – The Specials
  2. "Mirror In The Bathroom" – The Beat
  3. "Lip Up Fatty" – Bad Manners
  4. "Razor Blade Alley" – Madness
  5. "Three Minute Hero" – The Selecter
  6. "Easy Life" – The Bodysnatchers
  7. "Big Shot" – The Beat
  8. "One Step Beyond" – Madness

Side Two

  1. "Ranking Full Stop" – The Beat
  2. "Man At C&A" – The Specials
  3. "Missing Words" – The Selecter
  4. "Inner London Violence" – Bad Manners
  5. "Night Boat To Cairo" – Madness
  6. "Too Much Pressure" – The Selecter
  7. "Nite Klub" – The Specials


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