List of literary works by number of translations

This is a list of literary works (including novels, plays, series, collections of poems or short stories, and essays and other forms of literary non-fiction) sorted by the number of languages they have been translated into.

Title Author Year of Publication Number of languages with source Origin / Language
The Bible See Authorship of the Bible See Dating the Bible 2,798 (at least one book)[1]
1,275 (New Testament)[1]
518 (Comprising the complete Bible, both Old & New Testaments, including the Protocanonical books)[1]
Hebrew, Aramaic, Koinḗ Greek
What Does the Bible Really Teach? Jehovah's Witnesses 2005 539[2] United States English
The Little Prince Antoine de Saint Exupéry 1943 216[3] France French
The Watchtower, Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom Jehovah's Witnesses 1879–present 212 as of January 2014 (a semimonthly journal)[4] United States English
Pilgrim's Progress John Bunyan 1678 200[5] England English
Andersen's Fairy Tales Hans Christian Andersen 1835–1852 153[6] Denmark Danish
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Jules Verne 1870 147[7] France French
Steps to Christ Ellen G. White 1892 >135,[8] >140[9] United States English
New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures Jehovah's Witnesses 1950–2013 >121 (the "New Testament" portion)
>66 (the complete Bible, identified as New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures [Reference Edition of 1984, including newly released Revision of 2013])[10]
United States English
The Adventures of Asterix René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo 1959–2010 112[11]

France French

Pinocchio Carlo Collodi 1883 >100[12] Italy Italian
Awake! Jehovah's Witnesses 1919–present 99 as of December 2013 (a monthly journal)[13] United States English
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll 1865 97[14] England English
The Adventures of Tintin Hergé 1929–1976 96[15] BelgiumFrench
The Imitation of Christ Thomas à Kempis ca. 1418 95[16] Latin
Book of Mormon See Origin of the Book of Mormon 1830 82 (complete)
25 (partial)[17]
United States English
The Way to Happiness L. Ron Hubbard 1980 >70[18] (a 48 page booklet) United States English
The Alchemist Paulo Coelho 1988 67[19] Brazil Portuguese
Harry Potter J. K. Rowling 1997 67[20] United KingdomEnglish
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 1885 65[21] United StatesEnglish
Pippi Longstocking Astrid Lindgren 1945 64[22] (Several book series of Astrid's exceed 38 languages) Sweden Swedish
Kalevala Elias Lönnrot (compiler) 1835/1849 61[23] Finland Finnish
Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 1887 60[24] United Kingdom English
The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank 1947 60[25] Netherlands Dutch
The Good Soldier Švejk Jaroslav Hašek 1923 58[26] Czech Republic Czech
Qur'an See Origin and development of the Qur'an 650 50 (complete), 114 (portions)[27]

Classical Arabic

Quo vadis Henryk Sienkiewicz 1895 >50[28] Poland Polish
Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe 1958 50[29] Nigeria English
Heidi Johanna Spyri 1880 50[30] Switzerland German
El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 1615 48[31][32] Spain Spanish
The Story of San Michele Axel Munthe 1929 >45[33] Sweden English
The Stranger Albert Camus 1942 45[34] France French
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle 1969 45[35] United States English
The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown 2003 44[36] United States English
The Moomins Tove Jansson 1945 43[37] Finland Swedish
The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini 2003 42[38] United States English
The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald 1925 42[39] United States English
Paddington Bear Michael Bond 1958 40[40] United Kingdom English
Miffy Dick Bruna 1955 40[41] Netherlands Dutch
Tragedy of Man Imre Madách 1861 40[42] Hungary Hungarian
Tirukkural Thiruvalluvar 0012 37[43] India Tamil
The Hobbit J. R. R. Tolkien 1937 40[44] United Kingdom English
The Family of Pascual Duarte Camilo José Cela 1942 39[45] Spain Spanish
The General of the Dead Army Ismail Kadare 2003 37[46] Albania Albanian
Cold Skin Albert Sánchez Piñol 2002 37[47] Catalonia Catalan
Perfume Patrick Süskind 1985 37[48] Germany German
Anne of Green Gables Lucy Maud Montgomery 1908 36[49] Canada English
Norwegian Wood Haruki Murakami 1987 36[50] Japan Japanese
Cien Años de Soledad Gabriel García Márquez 1967 > 35[51] Colombia Spanish
Freakonomics Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner 2005 35[52] United States Englisch
Dead Until Dark Charlaine Harris 2001 35[53] United States English
The Tale of Peter Rabbit Helen Beatrix Potter 1902 35[54] United Kingdom English
Totto-chan, the Little Girl at the Window Tetsuko Kuroyanagi 1981 35[55] Japan Japanese
The Time of the Doves Mercè Rodoreda 1962 34[56] Catalonia Catalan
Left Behind Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins 1995 34[57] United States English
The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle 1997 >33[58][59] Canada English
Ender's Game Orson Scott Card 1985 33[60] United States English
Goosebumps R. L. Stine 1992 32[61] United States English
Alexander Trilogy Valerio Massimo Manfredi 1998 32[62] Italy Italian
Gone With the Wind Margaret Mitchell 1936 32[63] United States English
'Art' Yasmina Reza 1994 30[64] France French
Spiderwick Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black 2003 30[65] United States English
The Tale of Genji Murasaki Shikibu 1001 30[66] Japan Japanese
Millennium Trilogy Stieg Larsson 2005 30[67] Sweden Swedish
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Alexander McCall Smith 1998 30[68] United Kingdom English
The Pillars of the Earth Ken Follett 1989 30[69] United Kingdom English
Chasing Vermeer Blue Balliett 2003 30[70] United States English
Buddenbrooks Thomas Mann 1901 30[71] Germany German
Under the Yoke Ivan Vazov 1893 30[72] Bulgaria Bulgarian
In Defence of Global Capitalism Johan Norberg 2001 28[73] Sweden Swedish

2. Tirukkuṛaḷ

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