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Project Gutenberg Consortia Center

Free Public Access to eBooks by Project Gutenberg Consortia Center

Project Gutenberg Consortia Center's Mission


There are currently 75,000+ free eBooks available on this site as of
November 6, 2008

The Mission of this center is to:

Encourage the Creation and Distribution of eBooks [electronic books].

In general, this center is focused on the collection of collections of
eBooks, rather than the inclusion of one eBook at a time. Creation of
such a Consortium Center brings with it some natural differences which
should be obvious: such as the difference between doing new copyright
research for one eBook at a time and dealing with the acquisition of an
eBook collection that might contain hundreds or thousands of eBooks.

In particular, this center acts as a clearinghouse for eBooks presumed
to be public domain in the United States, but whose copyright data are
not yet sufficient to pass the extreme copyright research required for
inclusion in the general Project Gutenberg collection as per copyright
requirements in the United States. gutenberg.net

There will also be Project Gutenberg Consortia Centers for "life +50,"
"life +70" countries, and hopefully even for "life +60" countries such
as India, Venezuela, etc.

These centers will need your cooperation in finding and correcting any
errors in copyright research, text, indexing, etc., just as has every
Project Gutenberg site in the past. Please email hart@pobox.com with
any items of concern you may find. We hope to err on the conservative
side of things, and will therefore likely correct any questioned items
in or out of circulation, until we can do more comprehensive research.
To assist you in reporting any potential errors we will establish some
easy to fill out forms for various copyright terms, text errors, etc.
[future link to error reporting sites]

With your assistance in adding new books, improving those already here
in this collection, and insuring we do not infringe on copyrights, our
hope is to eventually bring you a million eBooks on this site by 2012,
and perhaps even 10 million by 2021.

For those who think this is impossible, a quick look at the history of
Project Gutenberg.

About Project Gutenberg Consortia Center

"The Purpose of Project Gutenberg is to encourage the creation and
distribution of electronic books."

To this end the Project Gutenberg Consortia Center is presented to
aid in the exchange of public domain eBook collections [as well as
copyrighted works for which we receive permission].

This particular Project Gutenberg Consortia Center is designed for
the collection and redistribution of eBooks that are public domain
under the United States copyright laws. We are planning to open a
Project Gutenberg Consortia Center for each of the major copyright
terms throughout the world, starting with "life +50 and life +70."

Up until now, Project Gutenberg has focused on the creation of the
eBooks rather than their distribution and we have spent as much of
our time on copyright as on eBook creation and distribution. This
is our first attempt focused on distribution rather than creation.

How The Project Gutenberg Consortia Center Works

PGCC is designed to house collection of collections of eBooks--
rather than on the creation of eBooks, or the collection of eBooks
one eBook at a time. We find various collections and ask if these
collections would benefit from inclusion in Project Gutenberg, and
exposure from our sites around the world.

We are more than happy to include a credit line in these eBooks as
we do for anyone who donates books to Project Gutenberg and credit
lines are also provided for direct access to their sites.

As always all Project Gutenberg eBooks are free to download so the
consortia who donate eBooks to Project Gutenberg are encouraged to
include our eBooks on their sites in complete reciprocity as well.

The Project Gutenberg Consortia Center does ask that everyone only
post eBooks on their sites that are public domain or for which our
files contain a permission letter, and to provide a letter stating
that the eBooks they are donating are public domain in the U.S. or
other countries in which they are in the public domain.

Each site is responsible for maintaining this copyright information,
and for advising others of any changes in the copyright terms that
apply to the country in which the site is located, or any changing
of the copyright information that might indicate eBooks previously
donated should be researched in greater detail.

We would prefer to err on the side of conservatism in the research
of the various copyright information.

Project Gutenberg has a longtime reputation for the most stringent
copyright research: for example, we just cleared R.U.R., Rossum's
Universal Robots in the original Czech, after YEARS of painstaking
research carried out around the world to insure the play is public
domain in the US However, when we receive a collection of 100's
of eBooks, sometimes even of 1,000's, there is no way we can do an
awful lot of research to insure each one of these eBooks is public
domain, so we have to rely on letters from the donors stating that
these books are in the public domain as per US copyright laws.

Thus the Project Gutenberg Consortia Centers hope to provide major
access to new eBook collections that would otherwise see a limited
distribution or be delayed if we insisted on copyright research of
the nature we insisted on for our first 10,000 eBooks. A very few
of these first 10,000 ever came under additional scrutiny after we
did our original copyright research, some at the request of estate
managers who did not understand that different countries have some
variations in their copyright laws, but that these do not apply to
people outside those countries. We did have to delete the "I Have
A Dream" speech by Martin Luther King, after we found out that the
copyright case had been reversed and then reversed again, and then
there was one file we had to delete due to an formatting objection
but the eBook is still there in the original format. At least one
time there was a misprint in the publication date in a book and we
had to do additional research to determine that it was published a
decade later than it said, so we deleted that book.

In none of these cases, or any other for that matter, has any kind
of legal pressure been placed on Project Gutenberg to delete eBook
files of any kind. We are proud of this record, and realize 99.9%
accuracy in our copyright research would still indicate that 10 of
the first 10,000 eBooks we put online might need more research.

In the case of the Project Gutenberg Consortia Centers we would be
relying on the copyright research of the donating parties, so will
be asking for a written letter stating the eBooks being donated do
fit the copyright laws of the US or of "life +50" or "life +70."

This first draft of this message is being prepared before starting
100 days of testing of this site, on July 19, 2004, and we hope to
announce the grand opening of the site on November 4, which is the
date Project Gutenberg will be one-third of a century old.

The Project Gutenberg Consortia Centers will have their cataloging
be independent of the original Project Gutenberg catalog, and also
of the new, post 10,000, catalog still being put in place. Totals
of eBooks on these sites will obviously include great duplication,
as many collections around the world have decided to choose eBooks
that other collections also chose. Some of these will be editions
from different times or places, some will be more different in the
ways they are formatted than in their content.

The major ideal is to provide public domain access to as many book
files as possible, from as many sources as possible, and obviously
as the collection of eBooks grows, so too will the duplications of
previously released eBooks grow. However, even if we presume this
duplication may approach 100%, with the average eBook appearing in
two independently catalogued files, that will still mean that of the
50,000 eBooks we hope to provide on opening day, that 25,000 would
be unique titles. Of these 25,000 over half were already provided
by the original Project Gutenberg collection. Of those ~14,000 it
is our pleasure to announce that nearly half of those are provided
by The Distributed Proofreaders, located at pgdp.org. We hope you
will visit this site and proofread a few pages to keep us growing.

Thank you for visiting the new Project Gutenberg Consortia Center.

We hope you will enjoy the selections of eBooks in 100+ languages,
and that you will help us find new books to include, new languages
for new readers, and generally to help us

"Break Down The Bars Of Ignorance And Illiteracy."

Contact Information

Project Gutenberg Consortia Center Contacts Information

The best way to get in touch is by email. If you don't get a response within a few days, please re-send your message.

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